Is Employee engagement low in BPM in India?

Is Employee engagement low in BPM in India?

Business Process Management used to be a sought after destination for candidates looking to make a successful career. According to survey reports the employee base in top 20 BPM companies had grown by 12% in the last year.  However, in contrast to the trends so far, BPM sector is now struggling to find the right group of talents.  Unattractive perceptions and low employee engagement are some of the reasons behind this. Let us have a brief look on such aspects prevailing in BPM sector.

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Unattractive Perceptions

Few years back BPM jobs were considered as a prestigious one offering excellent salary and additional perks. Today there is a change in that perception and people are looking for more opportunities in conventional sectors like banking and retailing. To bring a change in this situation, it is very important to increase employee loyalty to the company. Loyal employees often provide a good image of the company to the outside environment.

Advantages of Increased Employee Loyalty

Increased loyalty in employee groups can offer a lot of advantages in the BPM sector. This can improve the productivity of the firm and can reduce employee turnover cost. Also a loyal employee often advises young aspirants looking for a job in BPM sector with good remarks. This can greatly attract Indian aspirants to BPM industry, as Indians mostly look for advises from trusted/experienced personalities before making important decisions like higher study options, career aspects, etc.

A Gallup data study conducted among 75,000 BPM employees indicates that 28% of the employees would like to stay with the present company for a minimum period of two years. Such a group of employees agree that they will refer their friends or other near ones to work with the organization.

Lack of employee agreement

As spotted earlier, employee loyalty and advocacy can attract more aspirants to BPM sector. Lack of employee loyalty and advocacy is another reason for the migration of employees to more traditional job areas. Therefore employee engagement in organizations needs to be increased to the maximum possible extent.  Otherwise it can drastically affect the productivity of the employee and their well being. So it is essential for organizations to succeed in reshaping the attitude and perception of the employees so that they can feel the importance of their jobs.

How to improve Employee Engagement?

Improving employee engagement is one of the precautions that can be adapted to retain employees in BPM sector or to attract more number of talents. In achieving this, the prime thing organizations must take in to account is the needs of the employees. If a company can satisfy the needs of their employees within the acceptable limits, they will be turned loyal to the firm. This can improve the output from the employees as well as opens the door for efficient talents to come in.

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