It is big data time in Philippines BPO industry

March 5, 2012: Philippines have become one of the favorite outsourcing destinations in the world and very recently Philippines have overtaken India to become the leading provider of call center services. The major advantage they enjoy is the huge English Speaking population and quality customer service. The outsourcing industry in Philippines is expected to grow at 30 per cent to become USD 25 billion worth industry in 2012.

A major development in the outsourcing industry in Philippine is the adoption of Business Intelligence (BI) by many of the companies in the country. Companies that have adopted BI have started to use it extensively to improve their operations, especially outsourcing operations. The adoption of BI has resulted in substantial benefits for the companies.

Telus International Philippines is one example of a company which is effective using BI. They are using BI to convert voice data into text information, which is then processed for further use.

Even though the companies that have introduced BI in their operations did not face any problem till now, the situation might change in the near future. The major issue that they will face in the days to come will be the handling and analysis of huge amount of data.  

Almost all the organization today process structured data which forms just 20 per cent of the overall data that has been gathered. The remaining data which is unstructured is present in various formats across various sources. This will soon become a major concern for the firms and they will find it extremely difficult to process this data.

The business intelligence operations are run by the IT department and they do not take into account the business users. The IT department takes the decisions in the area of analytics and do not consider inputs from the business users. This is one reason why BI fails to deliver to its maximum potential.

The BI applications do not have provisions to process the data and derive meaningful information and insights. Without adequate resources to handle this huge data, it will become a challenge to any organizations. The companies should look for long term partnership with organizations that have expertise in data processing and analysis. The analysis of the data should be based on the requirements of various departments in the organizations. The company should also make sure that the information that is derived out is available to all those in need. This will help in tailoring products or services based on the need of the customers.

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