ITO Poland 2012-2013 elevates BPO operations in the outsourcing industry

The economy of Poland has been on a mode of growth for the last 21 years. Meanwhile many Western European countries have been struggling to recover from the crippling economic recession. The financial status of the country now attracts even people from the West to take up job opportunities in this land.

Together with the progress of the economy, outsourcing operations have also gained a strong foothold in this country, in particular, with regard to ITO Poland, 2012-2013 period. The BPO industry in this country is set to take a giant leap with fresh prospects emerging in this domain.
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In the past few years, the outsourcing sector in Poland has witnessed a growth of 20%. It has been estimated that the number of employees spread over more than 300 BPO centers in Poland came to 85,000 before the start of 2012. Export of outsourcing services is also going on at the rate of 90%.

70% of these services are delivered to European clients in addition to some customers from the United States. This has led to the expansion of information technology services in that country. In ITO Poland, 2012-2013 period is seen as a stage for renovation of the industry.

Joint ventures boost outsourcing prospects

In the Top 100 Outsourcing Destinations Ranking list released by Tholons, the city Krakow in Poland had emerged at the tenth place. It thus achieved the distinction of being the first city in Eastern Europe to enter the top 10.

According to this report, the overall outsourcing scenario in Poland has been undergoing a rapid phase of development that has spread across the main BPO centers in the country. This phase had propelled ITO Poland, 2012-2013 to new avenues of success.

Riding on the crest of this accomplishment, Poland has been looking towards forming joint ventures with other countries in the outsourcing sector.

The Polish Outsourcing Forum was organized recently in India as a step in this direction. The major organizers of this conference were Roadshow Polska, which aims to expand Poland’s economical status by organizing international conferences all over the world, and the premier agency, the Indo Polish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, whose goal is the development of the Indian and the Polish industry.

The primary objective for conducting this forum was drawing Indian investors to the BPO and IT sector in Poland. India has been a strategic partner for this country, and a joint venture might expand the horizon for outsourcing activities.

The trajectory of growth attained in ITO Poland 2012-2013 is set to take the BPO industry in this ancient land to new heights. The momentum of progress can be maintained by capitalizing on joint ventures with other nations, which will lead to a mutually beneficial pact for both the countries involved.

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