Lack of skilled quality graduates

August 8, 2011: According to the studies conducted by the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) the information technology (IT) sector would need more than one crore employees ten years down the lane. But the problem is; do we have enough skilled graduates to meet this industry requirement.

The intensely growing and expanding Information Technology (IT) sector is struggling with the poor quality of the employees and fresh graduates. The result of an exam conducted by an IT firm in Andhra Pradesh is just an example for this as only 37 candidates cleared a basic level exam out of 1,500 who appeared for the same. 

There are many Indian companies in the Information Technology and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector like TCS and Infosys planning to hire fresh graduates for various posts. But the companies are finding it difficult as candidates appearing in the test and interviews are failing to meet even the basic requirements. As per the sources TCS is in requirement of 20,000 graduates and Infosys is looking for 45,000 quality employees. Mahindra tech and HCL are too not far behind as far as hiring requirement goes. But lack of proper skills among fresh graduates is a grave concern for these employers.

For any Information Technology company, the fundamental aspect of their business is the efficient and excellent service provided to the customers. The same is in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) sector. Excellent customer service depends upon the quality and skill of the employees. As the sector is struggling with the availability of skilled graduates, more pressure is imposed on the experienced employees and the demand for experienced people is high.

The companies are now looking for non linear solution to such problems. Infosys has already adopted the IT-BPO integration model where employees are trained to take up job profiles in both these sectors. Companies in the IT sector are trying innovative methods to over come the crisis. Infotech Enterprise is promoting programmes along with a university. As part of the initial step the company has started a Programme with Jawaharlal Nehru Technology University to produce skilled graduates. Microsoft Corporation is another giant in the IT sector who has come up with a Programme known as LEAP (Learning Engineering Accelerated Program) aimed at sharpening the desired skills in graduates so as to make them employable.

The scope of employment in IT and BPO sector is very wide compared to any other sector. Today IT firms are hiring graduates from any stream. The requirement is not only for engineering or technical students.

It is clear that the demand for fresh quality employees is high, but the supply of quality candidates is very less. To become competitive and maintain the standard of service the IT and BPO sector companies are bound to go beyond their current hiring strategies and move more towards developing a suitable training and education systems by which more employable students and graduates are produced.

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