Laserfiche9 Strengthens CMS and BPM integration

Content Management Solutions come in a simple and elegant package for Laserfiche and this is evident from their release of Laserfiche9. The new product from Laserfiche had been released at Empower 2013 conference.

The product focuses primarily on CMS and BPM integration in business enterprises. It focuses on two main functionalities namely web based forms and a unique functionality to improve executive oversight of business processes.

Specialties of Laserfiche9

The top feature of Laserfiche 9 is its ECM-BPM integration. This is going to sell out in a huge way as content management spreads into enterprises through every possible avenue. The next exciting feature is its ability to provide a strong content management system and collaborate with business process management functionality simultaneously. This takes the business process functionality to a new level with better tools of operation.

Laserfiche9 provides more options for task management and reporting of tasks. The users can start workflow on documents from a Laserfiche client and report on the workflow process instantly. The workflow processes can be accessed by the users from the primary laserfiche interface. Workflow9 also allows users to define the process and information they would like to repot on.

Web based forms

One important laserfiche9 feature is web-based forms. Web-based forms break down processes into simple tasks and make it easy for everyone to understand. The user-friendly nature and affordability stands as an attraction for laserfiche9 which enables small firms and departments to access process automation.

The product is basically web based and it allows users to collect and work with information. Users are also free to add the information into business processes. This defines the destination of the information and interaction of other processes with the information. A process modeler is designed to manage the entire process. The users can also integrate various forms in each step of the business across various business enterprises.

Unique functionality to increase executive oversight of business processes

This unique functionality created in laserficher9 provides more options for task management and reporting of processes for BPM integration.

How it works?

Laserfiche9, the most anticipate tool in the product line, enables users to start work-flows directly from the laserfiche client. It also allows web access, enhanced reporting on each step of the work-flow process such as the current status, people involved in the process etc. A variety of changes and features had been included in laserfiche client, work flow and web access facilities.

Laserfiche9 is going to prove more capable compared to its sibling laserfiche8, which focused on helping organizations centralize their information and streamline processes. Laserficher8 carried out the functions by eliminating Silos, which may seem a tough task for the vendors. The new business process management of the laserficher product line is going to prove its mettle soon.


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