LPO 2013: The new Indian watchword in outsourcing

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Outsourcing has now become the norm for the smooth conduct of business operations. Like any other service, legal process outsourcing has also stepped into Indian soil. Considering Indian expertise in law, LPO 2013 has great potential for creating a flourishing market. In addition to transcription, the automation of legal services is available in India.

The market is going to be wide open in the year 2013. Major clients like UK, USA, and Europe are utilizing the Indian experience in the field up to the maximum extent, in order to manage time and cost.

The demand for LPO 2013 would need to be met by impeccable services. Within the country limits, maintaining the quality of service is a strict requirement that cannot be compromised in any way owing to the sensitive nature of legal services.

Keeping a consistent relationship with clients is a necessity as in any other outsourcing field. Providing LPO services entail a strong financial base and infrastructure in combination with the capability of technological innovation, failing which, outsourcing companies would be at a great disadvantage

Range of services delivered

The services can be categorized according to the need of expertise and skill. Taking this into consideration, they are mainly partitioned into high-end and low-end services. Transcription, data entry, documentation, coding etc. come under the whole array of low-end services, while high-end services cover areas of research, management, analysis, review etc. in the operation of legal activities.

The leading BPO companies for LPO 2013 on Indian soil include Wipro, HCL, ICICI, TCS, and Genpact.

Apart from the multiple features, certain prerequisites arise with LPO 2013. Legal services need to be impeccable in all elements of operation. The differences in code and format of Indian law from other countries need to be taken into account.

The right expertise is needed in foreign laws and legislation that would help outsourcing companies embrace effectively the activities required for fulfilling service requirements.

In LPO, confidential data are transferred from one country to the other; as such, any kind of breach would be unacceptable. Prescribed or company formulated ethics need to be followed, which is to be mutually accepted by both the parties involved.

 The future of LPO

The increasing acceptability of legal outsourcing compels many associations of LPO to conduct exhibitions and conferences in India, not only to promote the idea but also to spread legal awareness among the players. According to the Global Outsourcing Association of Lawyers, these kinds of promotional activities attract LPO 2013 providers from all over the world.

Tremendous amount of research is being conducted in the field of law, reviewing bills and changing policies being some of them. Statistics unveiled in The Economic Survey 2012–13 reveal that legal services have mustered an annual growth of 8.2% percent from the period 2005–06 to 2011-12.

Many firms have in place separate research teams to ensure the quality of services rendered. For the aspirants, an immense number of job opportunities are awaiting in the field of legal process outsourcing. Those who are ready to accept the complexities and challenges in this field can turn this venture into a success. It has to be underscored that the year 2013 will ensure the expansion and success of this industry.

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