Manila, the new capital of call centers. Indian BPOs in trouble?

November, 28, 2011: In the recent time there has been so many ups and downs happening in the Business process outsourcing industry. The trend in the BPO industry is drastically changing. Earlier it was India which was considered as one among the best offshore market for call centers. Well, Indian service providers are still doing well but the service providers in Philippines are also ahead. Business process outsourcing industry is picking the speed and thus the contribution made by the nation towards the global BPO industry is also very high.

It was within no time call centers in Philippines grew up. Today it is the most preferable place for American companies as far as outsourcing is concerned. American airlines, banks as well as the phone companies are exclusively depending on the call centers in Manila, the capital of Philippines. At present there are more than 400,000 employees working in various companies in the BPO industry of Philippines. And majority of them is serving the American companies. According to statistics this year the BPO industry in Philippines has over took India in the number of call center agents. 

Well, what exactly is attracting these companies towards Philippines?

One of the major reason is the service which the Pilipino based companies provide to the service buyers. Moreover the capacity of the industry to produce good American English has also helped in their growth. Yes, the number of English speaking population is drastically increasing in the nation. The government of Philippines is also very supportive and has initiated many programs and seminars for spreading the benefits of the BPO industry to the nation.

Moreover the government also has provided financial aids to the companies for their uplift. It cannot be left unnoticed that call centers in Philippines are also gifted with some additional benefits such as unique combination of Eastern culture as well as attentive hospitality and attitude of care towards the customers by the agents. The call center executives are ahead in serving the American customers with their accent as well as pleasing attitude. 

India is still the favorite destination as far as outsourcing is concerned. The quality of service provided by Indian BPO’s is inevitable. Over all the global BPO industry is in progress and the contribution made is also high. In the near future, the potential of Philippines BPO industry is expected to increase and more American companies might be attracted towards the nation. In the current scenario the Pilipino service providers are service American as well as European companies.       

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