Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon: Sowing the seeds of knowledge across the globe

mckinsey & company - KPO in Gurgaon

At the heart of business activities lies the utilization of knowledge in an apposite manner. Dissemination of knowledge is an important step in the various stages of business operations. The premier hub of knowledge professionals, Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon, has made a mark in the process of transferring knowledge to industries in different fields.

This knowledge center located in India houses the biggest and the most heterogeneous knowledge hub under McKinsey. The knowledge professionals at Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon have been able to create an exceptional impact in all fronts of the business scenario. This center was established 11 years back in India. It started out as a support mission armed with the capability of conducting secondary research through consulting teams. As a result of its resourceful knowledge operations, it evolved into a novel hub of innovative knowledge services.

At present, Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon has practices totaling more than 25 in functional and industrial sectors. In fact, it represents a microcosmos of McKinsey. It boasts of specialized teams in research and analytics who form a global network of highly technical experts. This elite squad is capable of generating insights in diverse fields of business in addition to supporting consulting teams at various McKinsey offices scattered all over the globe.

Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon – Crafting innovations from knowledge

Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon has been the vanguard of knowledge innovations in the network of McKinsey operations. It has successfully delivered solutions aimed at specialized industry and analytics involving functional Centers of Competence. Rapid access research is a key area of functionality that has yielded positive results in the long run. This hub of knowledge professionals is a testimony to the fact that entrepreneurship and innovation drive the culture of operations at this center.

The spirit of “One Firm” runs throughout the organization. Close integration with the global knowledge network enables the smooth functioning of knowledge dissemination activities at Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon. In total, more than 1,500 experts work under The Knowledge Network. This comprises professionals from the US, India, Costa Rica, and Poland. Furthermore, 90 other locations exist worldwide. This arms McKinsey’s with a distinctive competitive advantage, which enables them to find solutions to challenging and critical problems raised by clients.

The unique culture of allowing employees to chart their own paths in the company has led to the evolution of this successful hub of knowledge professionals. Mckinsey KPO Gurgaon has made a mark in the service of knowledge dissemination all around the world. The accomplishments garnered by this erudite team have sown fruitful business ventures across the globe.

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