Offshoring and outsourcing product development to enhance business productivity

December 27, 2011: In the present day business world, offshoring business activities have become an important means to improve profit margins. It is a revolutionary way of performing business activities which helps organizations to be in par with the competitors. But to keep abreast of the competitors the firm has to find the right outsourcing partner who will help in achieving the goals and objectives of the firm.

There are several benefits that the organizations can enjoy by offshoring their business functions to a service provider. The first and the foremost reason as of now is the cost advantage that the organizations is able to achieve, the second one is the service of a large pool of professionals and the firms are able to broaden the resource bench without hiring additional men. Many service providers in India offers unique outsourcing model that will help organizations to start off their offshore operations at reduced cost and minimum risk. Some of the service providers also offer Virtual Offshore Development Center (VODC) and Build Operate and Transfer (BOT) delivery models that will provide a competitive advantage along with increased return on investment.

Software service providers in India incorporate services that vary from architecture to release with partial or complete PLC development. So the buyers should look for service providers who offer Product Development outsourcing, Software testing, and various other services. They should look for service providers who offer Custom, Software Development Outsourcing and Maintenance and Offshore Staffing and Managed Services. One important point that the buyers should consider is that the services offered should be a perfect combination of various open source technologies and social media applications.

The outsourcing buyers should ensure that the service providers meet some of the basic requirements. They have to make sure whether the service provider is a quality certified company. More over the service provider should adopt a software development mechanism which is based on the process along with fast and reliable service delivery mechanism and reduced development cycles.

India has been a favorite destination for majority of the corporate and small and Medium Enterprises across the world. Most of the Indian outsourcing service providers are looking ways to improve their business with new ideas that will help them to create value and offer competitive advantage to the clients. They will have to strengthen the relation with the existing customers and generate leads from prospective customers.

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