Olympics 2012 Outsourced?

Just few more days to go and everyone will be witnessing the Olympic torch being lighted in London, U.K. The excitement is in the peak for all across the world as the teams from around the globe will be vying for top honors. One industry which has been making their presence felt in the London Olympics is the outsourcing industry and there is a huge air of excitement among them too. They are the one who are going to play a prominent role in running the games and the ones who are expected to gain the maximum business from the Olympics 2012.

Olympics 2012, London

Olympics 2012, London. Source olympic.org

Olympics event brings huge business opportunities for outsourcing companies once in four years. With G4S, Acer, Atos, Panasonic, BT, Cisco and many others bagging huge outsourcing contracts from the games, one can assume the volume of business generated by the games.

G4S has won the contract for providing security, Acer to provide technology hardware, Atos to provide supporting systems and Panasonic to provide display equipment. G4S’s contract value is €200 million and currently they are in the process of hiring 10,000 workers and training them. Acer has already supplied 12,000 PCs, 900 servers and more than 1000 notebooks to the Olympics organizers. It is expected that more than 3500 employees will be hired by the IT suppliers to meet the service requirements of Olympic Games.

The games not only have a direct impact on the industry but also have in-directly benefitted many players who are into the business of outsourcing. One such example is the huge contract earned by the contact center Journeycall based in Scotland. They are into the business of providing call center services to the clients of the transportation industry which includes both rail and bus This Company is presently in the process of massive expansion owing to the increasing demand from their clients. They have their hands full with projects from Olympics and Paralympics events.

Some other companies reap the advantages of the Olympic Games by renting out their office space for the Olympic Games organizing committee. They also provide renting facility to other corporate giants who have headed to London to take advantage of the Olympic Games. The corporate benefit from the intense competition in renting office spaces by the home companies as they can avail the facility at a very low price.

Increased outsourcing contracts from the Games is also said to increase the employment opportunities in UK. Based on the contracts awarded in the eve of Olympics and by analyzing the trends in the industry, it is expected that the outsourcing industry will grow and buck the slow down. The impact of the business generated from the Games is likely to remain for some more time even after the great event.

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