Outsource Audio Transcription and Save

Transcribing an audio is undoubtedly a daunting task; a single error and entire hard-work would go for a toss! In past few years audio transcription services have gained an amazing pace; thanks to rapidly evolving technologies and advent of advanced recording equipment, and of course secure internet connections.

For impeccable audio transcriptions; one requires huge pool of immensely skilled transcribers. Setting up an infrastructure and hiring a talent can burden your pockets.

So let me tell you something about how to save money when you get your audio transcribed? Outsource audio transcription as it helps you slash the cost by almost 50% – You will ask how? This write-up is an answer to this how!

Audio Transcription

Only Pay for What You Need

A majority of transcription companies charge based on lines or per line or page of work or, sometimes per minute basis.

Therefore, you need not have to pay anything extra – Just pay for what is transcribed. It is a major advantage, since, often in-house transcription work requires numerous highly-trained employees possessing skills to finish the work on time and deliver exceptional results.

With limited people the backlog of work might increase in volume; eventually resulting into inefficient output deliverance.

While on the other hand outsourcing your audio transcription work really helps; it can cut down your expenses through that ‘per line or per page’ charges by almost 50%; it also results in reduction of additional expenditure such as overtime remuneration for exceeding volumes or wasted idle time due to low volume.

Slashed Overhead Expenditure

Outsourcing audio transcription will cut down the everyday expenses since it frees up the staff to focus on core operational areas which can be done in-house – only. Market is getting demanding; especially after the advent of the digital era. This shift has made it sort of mandatory to build up efficient technical skills for in-house staff and deal with complex tasks – client requirements, which cannot be outsourced.

Transcription, on the other hand, is not a simple job and requires immense amount of focus and attention that outsourced audio transcription service providers possess.

Moreover, if you employ inexperienced or unskilled staff; the result would be an increased cost arising out of inaccuracies and slow delivery and customer dissatisfaction.

Trimmed Down Labor and Capital Expenses

There are multitude financial benefits when you outsource your audio transcription work, if compared to hiring and setting up an entire team of full-time employees to complete the task. Since, it almost eliminates the paid time off, sick leaves, medical insurance, equipment maintenance and other additional expenses; you can save up to one-third of your operational costs.

Moreover, you can also save on other fronts like recruitment and training cost, infrastructure, equipment, and IT set up. When you outsource your audio transcriptions, all these expenses are bored by the outsourcing service provider.

Outsourcing audio transcription is one of those economical ways to ensure streamlined work process at competitive pricing that saves you a lot of money!!!!!!

About the Author

Champak Pol is a Project Manager at Hi-Tech Transcription Services and a passionate writer with the experience of 10+ years of in transcription industry. Champak has worked with several international clients and has executed transcription projects of varying scales and complexities.

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