Outsourced call centers are no longer sales outlets

October 4, 2011: Gone are those days when call center outsourcing services were used only for the sole purpose of sales. Now a day’s companies see call center outsourcing providers as a favorable source to enhance customer experience across various customer contact channels. Earlier customer service and customer care were considered as a means to drain profitability, even though both were necessary. Companies thought that customer service and customer care were delicate and hence were hesitant to entrust these functions to call center outsourcing providers.

However this fear is slowly evaporating. Call center providers with exceptional level of skills in customer care exist now and companies are willing to include customer care also in the functional scope of outsourced call centers.

A good example of such a call center outsourcing provider is Sitel. The outsourcing company has many years of experience with different types of customer interactions. It has vast experience in various range of customer care activities that include complaints and resolution, billing, repeat purchase customer calls, making reservations, and maintenance. What makes Sitel stand apart is its focus on customer care and customer service. According to them, every customer contact presents a relationship-building opportunity and that value can be added on every contact a business makes with the customer.

According to Sitel, even a customer complaint presents an opportunity to build a relationship and it has proved that customer complaints can act as a catalyst to enhance customer experience in a positive manner. Moreover Sitel has been successful in converting customer inquiries into sales with their customer centric approach. One important area where companies pay attention is to broaden its databases. Here Sitel has added value to its client’s database by making use of simple customer account questions.

The secret of Sitel’s outstanding performance while providing   exceptional call center outsourcing services for organizations which outsource their customer care functions to them lies in consistent service delivery and paying attention to value addition during every customer contact. This philosophy has made Sitel stand apart from other call center outsourcing service providers.

Organizations will perform well if it outsources its customer care functions to call center outsourcing service provider like Sitel. This is because Sitel employs a strategy which provides exceptional customer care and service which reduces the effort to acquire new customers and which provides value-added experiences for customers across all channels and with every contact

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