Outsourcing and cloud converge in UK

October 12, 2011: It is cloud services all around in UK companies.

Today could services is in focus; to create a cultural atmosphere and enhance flexibility, cloud desktop service has become an inevitable part of any organization.   Many global players are planning on depending on cloud services to enhance the organizations functions. Take the case of UK only; there, it is a period of transition actually. CIOs of various companies are in dilemma which mechanism of delivery to go for, whether depend on traditional outsourcing or depend on could desktop services. 

As we know, outsourcing business processes are the most traditional approach for any organization to get the work done through other sources at a cheaper cost. But what if something better and more flexible the cloud services could offer. As far as CIOs are concern, they might find the contract procedure for traditional outsourcing lengthier process when compared to Could services.

A survey conducted by K2 Advisory could find that around 56% of CIOs thinking and planning to adopt mechanisms which are different from regular outsourcing approaches. To leverage the relationship with end users and to make them more satisfied it is necessary, either approaching to innovative solutions or focusing more on enhancing in-house IT teams, some of the CIOs stated. Moreover, majority of UK based companies believe that to meet and satisfy end users requirement, Cloud services is the best solution at this point of time. 

There is an obvious reason for CIOs to naturally focus more on cloud desktop services, because it offers cost effectiveness as well as resolve many areas of business which are outsourced today such as the payroll management, Finance and accounting and many other. This will also leverage the business outcomes of any organization and help the companies achieve its corporate goals.

As far as cloud based outsourcing service providers are concerned, there is lot they can deliver for companies. The incorporated cloud ecosystem including SAAS, IAAS and PAAS offers assessing best practice by the company at an economical price. It also helps the company to leverage business developments through innovative solutions at lesser time. But, is could management entirely constrain free flexible mechanism might be the major point on which one should focus. Sometimes implementation might not be much easier. The companies CIOs might not get the leverage to negotiate with cloud service providers and might also find it pretty difficult to control the mechanism internally.   

The question here to be raised is; do the companies and CIOs have a clear understanding on the various advantages available through cloud desktop services or do the outsourcing providers has not made it clear for the companies. As far as UK based companies are concern, they are little advanced and looking forward to tap the benefits from outsource could services providers.

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