IT Outsourcing: Getting Started on the Path to Migration

Outsourcing change ahead

The business model of in house IT to IT outsourcing is expected to undergo a change of operations with a focus on migration. Numerous businesses are expected to undertake a major migration spread over the next five years.

As with any new trend, updating one’s business with the latest in the market is essential to keeping afloat, given the fierce competition in the market. While cost savings is a clear driver for this new turn of events, there are other factors pushing for migration of day to day delivery of technology operations and management to outsourcing service providers.

Where is the focus shifting to?

Industry insiders revealed that the focus is shifting from cost considerations as the only priority in business decisions. Vanson Bourne researchers for Savvis reported that beyond cost savings, the other top concern that businesses are considering is to focus all available IT resources on managing and developing applications that are critical for businesses.

The applications that businesses are referring to will be critical to the organization moving ahead either through new and innovative products and services, bettering internal business models and / or improving customer interface.

The thought of IT migration can be extremely daunting, but the longer a company sits on the fence, the longer it will lose out on valuable business. IT migration as it were is every business’ best bet to quicken their response time and capitalize on the market to grow.

Getting on the migration bandwagon

Understanding the business is the first step in situating the starting point in a big move like with migration. Taking an inventory of the infrastructure and applications including the ones hidden beneath the IT processes umbrella will help business owners better understand their own business. The next step would be to list the components currently done in house, that are best suited to outsourcing in order of priority.

It is no hidden truth that outsourcing will help lower operational costs, scale available infrastructure and improve service quality by several notches. Several industry insiders concurred to the same in the Savvis’ survey and also agreed that the gains received from outsourcing would foster business growth.

Before opting for IT migration as a business owner, one should be aware of the competitive investment required to make the migration worthwhile. With nearly 25 percent of businesses making the investment there is bound to be competition around every curve in the road. The IT budget should then reflect the investment required to make cloud a priority.

Outsourcing models

The stage that the applications are in on the lifecycle influence the choice of the outsourcing model. Managed hosting, colocation and outsourced cloud all have major roles to play in IT strategy for businesses. The stage of the application therefore determines the outsourcing model that will boost efficiency while still meeting the security, performance and quality standards. A strategy that allows free movement between models optimized according to the application lifecycle stage is one that best suited to investment for most businesses.

Acquainting oneself with the latest technologies

The market, as iterated earlier, is highly competitive. In such scenarios, it is apt to focus on strategic roles rather than focusing on the everyday tactics where the return on investment is limited at best. Delivering an experience that enhances the business through technology is becoming the focus of numerous IT companies. For this shift in focus from everyday operations to strategy to take effect, one must be acquainted with the new portals and tools that enable management of resources with ease.

Selecting a outsourcing partner

Once the business is broken down and understood in its entirety, selecting an apt partner to help reach the destination of better business is the next crucial step in successfully migrating IT processes. Irrespective of whether the need is for a hybrid combination or solely colocation, cloud services or managed hosting, a provider that can elevate the present IT strategy is the best partner.

Within the current competitive market, there is no dearth of outsourcing companies willing to update offers according to the client’s wishes. Companies that can provide a wide range of solutions including security and consulting services over and above the IT infrastructure alone would be a good bet to get ahead on the business curve. Even though IT migration maybe daunting, a few right choices will ensure improved business.

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