Outsourcing of facilities management shows upward trend

September 19, 2011: Real Estate and Facility Management (REFM) activities have gradually started picking up speed. Buyers are finding it more beneficial to outsource the REFM activities for smooth and uninterrupted operations.

Around 50% of the buyers in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Information Technology (IT) industry are planning to hunt service providers who can take care of their real estate and manage the facilities for operations, out of which many buyers are into outsourcing for the first time.

Depending entirely on service providers who are into REFM is a matured decision. REFM service providers can today fulfill the requirements of the buyers with cost effective service. The pressure on the providers to become competitively advantageous has increased and thus resulted the providers to look into even a minute scope for improved and better service from the fellow competitor. Today the service providers in this particular segment are well qualified to execute the needs of buyers with unbeatable innovation, perfect talent, smart technology, elegant service and right solution.       

There was a survey conducted on this changing trend and according to the survey, buyers strongly believe that it is the most suitable choice to entirely depend on service providers. Around 75% of the respondents said that the service providers are very cost effective and also equipped enough to provide suitable solutions according to the requirements of the buyers. 

Companies have to include expenditure for infrastructure and other facilities in their budget, no matter whether the company is best-in-class or an average company or even larger one. Using standardized solutions and services by outsourcing, one can easily reduce the amount of investment required and also reduce the time required to accomplish the task from 20% to 30 %, which is again a plus point. Services such as strategic master planning and facilities operations and maintenance are provided by the Business Process Outsourcing Units. Companies also find it more comfortable to depend on service providers who can deliver services such as, administrating mortgage conditions and enhancing the decision making of the employers in leasing or buying events. 

Other facilities such as utilization of space, designing of infrastructure facilities, disposal asset management are also done by the service providers. 

The uptrend in depending on service providers by the buyers is expected to increase more rapidly in the near future as outsourcing Real Estate and Facility Management facilities will bring up more relaxed and smooth operations in the industry.  

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