Outsource your personal work to remote secretaries

September 28, 2011: Personal secretaries must be more conscious…tough competition ahead for you……

In our day to day life we come across many obstacles and issues, sometimes it might be serious and some times it might be very simple. But have you ever though of outsourcing your daily affairs and sit back relaxed at home? You might not have done that, but someone known as A J Jacobs had though out of the box and decided to outsource day to day works to an Indian service provider. Isn’t that interesting?

What did have he outsourced, might be your doubt now. It’s again a surprising answer, because he demanded his service provider to write an apologies letter to his wife, since he forgot to draw money from the ATM.  

Hold on!!!! There are much more, in fact outsourcing has crossed the borders and touch sky heights. Today in India you could find end number of remote assistants who are engaged into outsourcing and related works. People are looking forward to tap each and every minute possibility in outsourcing. There are service providers, to be specific lets call them remote assistants who are into performing daily affairs such as drafting letters, buying books and even spotting parking lots for clients.

See the beauty of outsourcing. It’s high time for the outsourcing service providers or service vendors who are running here and there for clients to understand that there is still immense scope in this industry. One may take about recession, economic down trend, strategies and etc but the fact is one should realize the perfect gap for business possibilities.

In the present scenario US companies might be facing economic down trend and lack of job opportunities, but there are still clients who even depend on outsourcing firms for wake up calls and reminders on their daily schedules. Virtual assistance or virtual secretaries are demanded even by million dollar companies. It is calculated that virtual or remote assistance outsourcing jobs are in boom and has touched a total business of 1 billion US dollars. Moreover the sector is in a rapid growth at the rate of 30 % every year. And most interesting is that there are many Indian firms engaged in such business who are well equipped to deliver the service on time. You could also find service providers in India who charge from 8 US dollar to 12 US dollars hourly. There are also US based clients of firms who provide services such as online accountant.

It seems like the proverb, “think big to achieve big” has to reframe. It is not only that million dollar companies can only outsource, even individuals can also outsource there daily affairs. Coming era might see more virtual secretaries and virtual assistance in the Business Process Outsourcing industry.

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