Philippines BPO firms making billion P in revenue

30 companies from the outsourcing industry in Philippines have successfully made their way to the billionaires’ club.  The 30 business process outsourcing companies generate revenue of at least between billion P1 and P17 annually, reported by the city representative of Pasig of Philippines, Mr. Roman Romulo.

Philippines BPO Billionaires

Philippines BPO Billionaires. Source

Philippines have been the favorite BPO destination for multinational companies since 2010. The success of voice based BPO in the country has made it a popular hub for outsourcing. Business Processing Association  of Philippines (BPAP) reported revenues of $11 billion in 2011 and the industry is now employing more than 638,000 professionals.

The list is published on the basis of revenue of 2010 and includes the giants like Accenture Inc and Convergys Phils.Services.Corporation with revenue of P 17.433 billion and P 11.9.1 billion respectively.

Following are the top 15 firms in the outsourcing industry that has made to the billionaires’ club:

  1. Accenture Inc: It is a global management consulting and outsourcing firm which started its outsourcing delivery center in 1985 in Manila and Cebu in 2007, as a part of strategic expansion. They top the list by generating revenue of P17.433 billion and employing more than 8000 professionals.
  2. Convergys Phils. Services Corporation: They are specialized in providing customer care, human resources and billing services for their clients. They generated revenue of 11.91 billion in the year 2010. They started their operations in Philippines in the year 2003.
  3. TeleTech Customer Care Management Phils. Inc: They are into providing services for customer management, transaction processing, database marketing services and professional service. They set up their operations in Philippines in the year 2002 and they occupy the third place by generating revenue of P 9.413 billion.
  4. JP Morgan Chase Bank N.A.: JP Morgan is a leading financial services firm in US. They started their global service center in Philippines in 1961 that supports the firms various business functions.
  5. Stream international Global Services.Phils.Inc. Stream is a global leader in providing sales, customer, technical, complex process outsourcing services. They opened their center in Philippines to provide additional cost advantage call center and BPO services to their clients.
  6. Aegis People Support Inc: Aegis, the BPO leader and People support merged to provide value added customer services management and back-office services to their clients. Their Philippines center supports customer care, back office, sales, technical and project management services for clients.
  7. Skyes Asia Inc.: They provide call center and BPO services to clients in Philippines. They are considered to be the pioneers in starting BPO operations managed by Filipinos.
  8. Sitel Phils. Corporation: The Company is headquartered in Canada, and they offer customer care and back office services to its clients. From their delivery center in Philippines, they have earned revenue of P5.913 billion.
  9. Telus International Phils.Inc: The Company is specialized in providing high quality customer care and IT services for its clients globally. They started their center in Philippines to provide superior quality services for their clients.
  10. Deutsche Knowledge Services Pte.Ltd: A leading bank’s subsidiary caters the need of the banking organization.
  11. IBM Daksh Business Process Services Phils.Inc: They are wholly owned subsidiary of IBM providing BPO services to its clients in India and Philippines.
  12. IBM Services Inc.: They offer Customer relation management, human resource services, financial services and procurement services.
  13. Spi Global Inc: The Company provides Customer Relationship Management services, technical services, sales support services, and market research and back office services.
  14. APAC Customer Services Inc: They provide 24 hours back office and customer support services to clients globally.

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