R&D crucial for driving high value curve growth of IT in India

January 10, 2012: India is one of the most favorite global destinations as far as outsourcing is concerned. And there are high expectations in the year 2012 in the Indian outsourcing sector. But the worry is that the trend is not so attractive in the industry. Experts believe that if the research and development work on new innovations then it could definitely help the industry to grow.

Research and Development team need to be stronger, as in the coming year it is going to be very difficult and uncertain for the industry. To increase the value curve it is very essential to enhance the R&D culture in India. Sustaining the global position is very difficult and that is because there are many countries in which are emerging as favorite destinations for outsourcing. In the offshore as well as in on shore there are many countries which provides better services and also has cheaper resources.

Even though the Indian economy was stronger in the year 2011, the BPO and IT industry was not so satisfactory. In the present scenario clients are looking forward to spread risk. Focus is to depend on more than two service providers so that there will be minimum risk. Clients are happier to rely on different service providers for BPO and IT business solutions.

According to WNS chief, the good work of Research and Development department is the only factor which can provide a positive trend. The trend will be influenced with three main factors such as Ideate, incubate and innovation which can make some good contributions to the sector. He added that companies should encourage these factors and make better contributions.

The healthcare reforms in United States have a direct impact on the business in the offshore. Moreover, insurance regulations in the United Kingdom also had some worse influence on the market. At present these are the major challenges which have to be taken care of by the industry and must come up with out of the box solutions to overcome such situations.

The upcoming US Call Centre Bill also will have some impact which can restrict free trade. It will also establish unfair practices. These activities will result in high cost and more rejections form stakeholders. Well, it is obvious that Indian outsourcing industry is still very strong but it is very essential for the sector to be more conscious and do good research to come up with innovations.

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