Retention of Contact Center employees – Lessons from Middle East

Contact centers in Middle East have travelled a long way in recent years. The call centers in the Middle East region have always made it a priority to upgrade their technologies and processes to keep in pace with the changing customer expectations. But now they have started realizing the changing role of contact centers agents in the service delivery chain and are in the process of evolving new policies and processes to retain their agents.

Attrition in call centers. Image source

Attrition in call centers. Image source

Often customer center agents are the primary touch points for the customers and constitute the major expense for the companies accounting between 65-75%. Despite this fact, the attrition rate in the industry has been relatively high.  This has initiated the companies in the region to tailor new methods to retain their employees. Now, they are in the quest of promoting a greater job satisfaction among their employees.

According to analysts, the increasing attrition rate is a representation of unnecessary expenses which the contact centers have to incur. It also represents the feeling of low job satisfaction among the employees and the adverse effect of this on the service delivered to customers.

As a remedy, the contact centers in the Middle East region have come up with a solution that encourages the use of existing technologies available to them to provide a better working environment for their agents.

Creating Knowledge Database

Agents are often deployed to deal with customers without giving them much information. This frustrates the agents and sparks the feeling of moving away from the center.

The companies as a result have recently come up with an idea of creating Knowledge database to solve the issue. The Knowledge database is created by assimilating all the information derived from various customer interactions and is build into a centrally located knowledge center. The agents can easily access the database through the knowledge center. This will in turn empower the agents by providing them more information about their customers.

Hiring home bound agents

The development in technology and availability of low cost bandwidth has allowed the contact centers to move into remote places. This has also facilitated the agents to work in their preferred location.  The availability of real time monitoring systems has enabled the supervisors to monitor the actions of the agents irrespective of their location.

Use of Analytics software

By using the speech analytics software, the supervisors are able to monitor any real time calls irrespective of the agent’s location. This will help the supervisors to analyze the calls and they can intervene in a call if they feel it necessary. The use of software will reduce the pressure of the agents as they can seek help from their supervisors quickly.

Automation of Business processes

By automating processes, the contact center agents will be able to establish a contact with back office staffs.  Using the system, the agents are able to direct high priority issues to the most relevant person in the company and thus reducing agents’ pressure and time in solving a query.

It seems that, by taking up the issues of the contact center agents into consideration, the contact centers in Middle East are in the hope to reduce attrition rate and their by ensure a better customer experience.

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