Role of Occupational and Functional Analysis in NOS Development

The IT-BPM Industry in India is the pioneer of the IT-BPM services Industry at the global level. The Indian IT-BPM Industry has been instrumental in impacting the economy of the country in a positive manner.

In order to sustain its leadership over the industry at the global level, India will have to initiate effective measures. One effective measure to meet this end is the development of National Occupational Standards (NOS).

Nandi statue Lepakshi,  Andhra Pradesh. Photographer Kamesh Pemmaraju

Nandi statue Lepakshi, Andhra Pradesh. Photographer Kamesh Pemmaraju

Development of NOS

National Occupational Standards (NOS) is an initiative to develop and up skill talent. It is an initiative by IT-ITeS Sector Skills Council NASSCOM. NOS will be effective for all unique Job-roles in the IT-BPM Industry at the entry level.

NOS is aimed at describing what should be the role of individuals in any occupation. NOS points out the standard to be achieved by the individuals. It also stresses on the knowledge and understanding desired of the individuals.

Steps in NOS Development

NOS strives to develop the right talent to increase its growth. NOS Development requires analysis of the work area and identification of the functions that people carry out.

There are two main steps in the development of NOS. They are:

  1. Occupational Analysis
  2. Functional Analysis

Objective of Occupational Analysis

Occupational Analysis is the first step in the development of NOS. The objective of Occupational Analysis is to standardize and streamline the process for hiring and training individuals based on the occupational requirements.

Occupational Analysis tries to clarify the skill, competence and knowledge required in the industry. It aids different firms, companies and individuals to identify and understand the requirements of a particular occupation or job.

Role of Occupational Analysis in NOS Development

Occupational Analysis involves complete scanning of the IT-BPM industry in order to identify the various occupations that exist under different sub-sectors.

The step is meant to analyze each sector and sub-sector of the IT-BPM industry to identify unique entry-level Job-roles in the industry. It aims to address issues of talent acquisition to meet the desired purposes.

Objective of Functional Analysis

Functional Analysis is the main step in the development of NOS. Functional Analysis helps to identify the various chores or tasks that an individual is required to carry out as part of his or her job.

This is aimed at recognizing the benchmark that they should attain and the knowledge that they must have to excel at their job. In fact, it is aimed at recognizing the key functions in each sector and sub-sector and to highlight those functions.

Role of Functional Analysis in NOS Development

Functional Analysis is considered to be the primary tool in the development process of NOS. Since NOS development requires analysis of the area of work and identification of the functions performed by people working in those areas, functional analysis steps into the scenario as an important aspect of the development process of NOS.

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