Rural BPO’s to change rural India

September 14, 2011: Considering to the contribution made by various sectors in India, Business process Outsourcing BPO is one among the top sectors that make uncompromising contribution towards the growth of nation and its economy.

Companies in the BPO sector in India which provide employment to around 10 lakh people are now focusing on changing the face of rural India by opening new units in rural area. Today rural India hosts many small Business process Outsourcing players particularly in areas such as outskirts of Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi. At present the trend of depending on urban graduates is slowly declining as companies has realized that there are ultimate untapped talents available in the rural.

A small village in the states of Karnataka has already proved that rural area has enough potential for outsourcing by hosting a BPO unit with 20 graduates and 5 post graduates working together to deliver best quality services to an overseas client. Moreover top IT and BPO Company Wipro Technologies has also decided to open a service unit at a small village near Chennai.  These trends are opening new opportunities to flourish the rural living. According to sources which conducted a survey on the drastic change suggested that depending on rural area will be very beneficial for Indian BPO companies. In urban area you can find many graduates, post graduates and engineers’ working in BPO but the truth is that these employees are basically from rural villages that have migrated to the urban cities in search of jobs.

The companies can also find advantages such as cost benefit by concentrating on rural areas. It is found that the rural employees are paid less compared to urban employees. Moreover BPO players are focusing on categorizing the works according to the skill required by employees and assign rural employees for low skilled jobs and urban for high end specialized works. One of the top executive in an Indian BPO said that there are many graduated women available in the rural area who can be employed for skilled jobs; the only thing required is to polish their knowledge and skills by proper training. 

It is expected that by the end of 2015, we can see many players focusing on rural area which may provide jobs to around 150,000 rural populations. Many state governments are also providing financial assistance to the companies and promoting BPO schemes. As far as Business process Outsourcing BPO sector is concerned the latest trend is a plus point for them, because rural India can deliver high talented and well educated work force at less cost.

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