Save your vacation time and outsource to ‘homework aunties’

Indian students and their parents have found out a better and faster way of doing their homework that is outsourcing to professionals. This industry is growing slowly as there is an upcoming trend among the parents to outsource homework of their children to whom they call as homework aunties’.

This brand new segment is finding its space in the outsourcing market as parents are finding that outsourcing homework is the only way to ease the burden of their children from completing the never-ending task assigned by their teachers. By outsourcing homework to these aunties, parents ensure that they can spend quality time with their children during vacation. The homework aunties, who are mainly science graduates, charge between Rs 250-20,000 per project depending upon the volume and size of the project.

Cartoon by Jeff Koterba, Omaha World-Herald

Cartoon by Jeff Koterba, Omaha World-Herald

As the volume and size of the projects increase, summer project works are becoming a night mare for both parents and students. It looks like now a day’s homework is assigned to parents more than the kids. Many parents are of the opinion that it is unreasonable for the school to burden their children with homework that are too large and complex for them to understand at a very young age.  Parents say that when they see the long list of homework, they find it difficult to ask their kids to complete it, especially during the vacation time. While home maker mothers find enough time to assist their wards in completing the project, it is the working parents who look out the option of outsourcing homework.

While parents struggle to meet the extra expense, many are making a living from homework outsourcing. According to a specialist in the industry, if this trend continues, then soon it will grow to become a cottage industry. Apart from individuals many small companies also earns a good lump sum by doing the homework. There are some teachers among these ‘homework aunties’ who insist the students to spend time with them to understand how the project is done. However, most of the time, they are left disappointed because parents do not want children to do so. In such instances, they take up the orders, complete it and deliver them within the agreed timeframe.

Outsourcing homework

Outsourcing homework. Image source

A recent survey revealed that students are losing sleep due to the overburden of homework. However, school authorities deny these allegations saying that they do not pressurize their students to complete the tasks. As per the schools, projects are also made activity based so that children could enjoy doing the work. Whether kids are enjoying or not, parents have their own reasons to believe that outsourcing homework is the best option as schools are going on assigning projects disproportionate to the age of kids.

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