Scotland welcomes Indian Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) units

August 24, 2011: Long term scope and market potential in Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) has inspired and compelled Scotland to offer a perfect destination for Indian BPO companies.

Any company which is considering outsourcing as a business operation will prefer cost effectiveness and qualify service as first preference.  Today Scotland has become a good alternative for many Indian BPO companies planning for centers in the European region with cheap labor and internationally accepted quality service. The country is currently generating a turn over around 10 billion and has a work force of 86,000 employees with expertise in financial services, media/communication, telecom and utilities. 

Scotland is moreover an internationally accepted location which has an excellent record of delivering quality business solutions. Many huge BPO players around the globe have started their hub in Scotland. It is a perfect choice for the companies with competitive environment, qualified & talented workforce, and advancement in providing multilingual services. 

Some of the Indian BPO companies has already started functioning is Scotland. Companies such as HeroITES, Intelent and Hinduja Global Solutions have begun centers in the country. The Indian BPO companies have eventually realized the impressive take away and benefits of investing for outsourcing units in a country like Scotland. Business Process Outsourcing companies are driven to Scotland to avail the benefit of high quality skills, lower overheads, excellence in financial and business service solutions, lowest tax rates in the European Union and the a favorable peaceful environment in the region.      

In this surprisingly evolving trend the Scotland government has taken initiatives to provide training and development for the BPO industry. Apart from the training on product knowledge the government is also promoting plentiful personalized courses to widen the BPO industry. Some of the courses such as pre-recruitment training, Vocational Qualification in handling calls and specialized one day courses in customer service, handling conflicts, telephone techniques and etc enhance the functions of the BPO industry in Scotland.   

Now; the question is why should not BPO companies in the Indian sector select Scotland for setting up new units if they are getting much cheaper labor and more quality resources in a more native English speaking country?

BPO companies in India by virtue look for a supporting framework to ensure that the quality service with cost effectiveness could be delivered to turn the units profitable. It could be undoubtedly stated that Scotland can provide a perfect solution for their quest of high quality and low cost operating model.  

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