Sequence Kinetics – an effective tool for outsourcing businesses

Outsourcing is considered as an effective strategy followed by organizations for the development of their business. Companies overloaded by projects usually tend to lose focus over the main line of business activity.

About Sequence Kinetics

Outsourcing allows such organizations to focus on their core business while the outsourced segment is also taken care of. In this context, Sequence Kinetics is a software that provides effective tools to the clients and outsourcers such that their business relations are intact.

  • A business process management software, Sequence Kinetics allows an outsourcing company to handle factors that include:
  • The process automation that ensures work effectiveness and efficiency in an employee.
  • Client requests handled in a visible manner and within given time.
  • The provision of tools for the management to monitor, report and optimize the work process.
  • Allowing clients ability to check the status of work being processed.
  • Implementing business rule engine by ensuring consent from SLAs

sequence kinetics product

How Sequence Kinetics works is that it it gets into the IT systems and makes sure that the data is easily retrievable and efficiently arranged around the task. This data would then be presented via Microsoft Outlook, SharePoint or mobile devices. The software also provides project management and change management facility to the clients and outsourcers.

The following is a case study that involves a company which could retain its profits margin with the help of the software.

Atos Origin, an international information technology services company, carried out its ‘Request for Change’ process by implementing the Sequence BPM solution.  A case study related to the BPM solution was presented by the company chief Elly Bhatia at the Gartner BPM Summit held in 2011.

The case study dealt with key issues like stakeholder engagement, maturity of the process, business pains identification, and dealing with resistance to change.

Benefits of Sequence Kinetics

  • Costs are reduced on the completion of the client projects.
  • Improvement in customer satisfaction levels
  • Managerial supervision may not be considered important.
  • Turn-around time is much faster.
  • SLA breaches can be prevented.

Services offered by Sequence Kinetics

The company offers support for BPM software solution projects that include visualizing the desired result, analyzing requirements, the design, development and deployment. The deployment options offered by Sequence Kinetics include on-premises, managed on-premises, and hosted. The company also offers SaaS for value added clients.

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