Shift to cloud and outsourcing in IT manufacturing firms

September 15, 2011: Today global IT manufactures are running all kind of works with cloud computing. Applications such as customer relationship management (CRM) and accounting are now a day entirely done in the cloud and manufacturers are finding it much comfortable to extend all type of works to cloud computing. Moreover manufactures in the Information Technology (IT) sector is building strategies and even preparing budgets for the uplift of cloud computing through outsourcing. These companies feel that it is much better to depend on outsourced IT infrastructure for better and convenient business. 

In the IT industry almost 23% of manufactures has already started exclusively depending on cloud computing. It is also expected that another 44% is also planning to adopt this facility in the near future.  According to experts cloud computing is a perfect platform for Information Technology companies so as to progress the productivity and achieve flexible business operations. Compared to past decades there is a necessity for the IT industry to uplift their infrastructure facilities and to fulfill computing requirement. And there is no harm depending entirely on cloud computing as is just the right decision in the present scenario.

Moreover the recent hype in the cost for resources has resulted to end up in a disturbed IT industry, but stepping into cloud computing can come up with some relief as it helps flexible resources management, experts added. Cloud computing can deliver the benefit of lesser expenses for resources and can also reduce the time required for performing various functions in the day to day business.

Meanwhile the companies which are planning to outsource cloud computing is finding it as a competitive advantage.   Manufacturers depending on outsourcing are a strategic approach as outsourcing will provide the company enough opportunities to concentrate more on the core business and standardize the IT services. The companies can also add or remove resources according to the progress of the business instead of spending more on handling internal issues.

There was also a survey conducted by Framingham; a research analysis firm which studied the transforming trend of the industry towards cloud computing and according to its findings, the industry will be depending entirely on cloud computing in the near future from basic computing to high end applications which perform vivid operations for the company.

It is expected that companies depending on internal infrastructure will be drastically declined in another two years. The main focus of these Information Technology manufactures is to easily handle the staff and decrease the cost.

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