Social BPM brings in transparency to process management

Business Process Management is now actively pursued as a strategy by global enterprises to marry business objectives and execution. The forum is now on creating business processes that can deliver competitive advantage as firms are operating in a dynamic and competitive market environment. The key challenge for any enterprise while bringing in improvements in business processes is the resistance of the stake holders involved in the process. Transparency in process control and clarity in communication are key to any successful BPM initiative in any enterprise.

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Social media now plays a crucial role in achieving effective communication between management, employees and customers.   A transparent communication and a collaborative open discussion always reduce resistance from the part of employees in deploying new BPM initiatives. This is where social BPM is now being adopted by large enterprises.

Key ingredients to social BPM

  • Setting online blogs and discussions forums moderated by process leaders involving all entities involved from different departments to identify the challenges and pain points in business processes
  • Having online discussions would help in reducing time and travel related costs for conducting face to face meetings. This is especially true in the case of global firms where business processes could involve stakeholders from various regions and departments
  • Social BPM is also useful for quality improvement. Customer conversations on social media channels can be tracked to identify potential issues/concerns in business processes and that could help quality department in firms to identify and resolve potential gaps in processes thus improving quality of service delivery and customer care.
  • Unlike formal and official communication channels, social media gives instant feedback on process improvement initiatives taken within the firm as well as from the customers.  These open forums could encourage employees and customers to feel free and participate more actively in discussions when compared to closed room kind meetings.
  • There are some challenges too with social BPM. Open online forums could be sometimes difficult to control, hence firms are quite concerned on governance and compliance related aspects. A fine balance has to be maintained between transparency corporate governance.

Thus social media is brings in efficiency and transparency to employee-management communication and it is helping firms to adopt BPM initiatives. Social BPM is now making BPM more people and process oriented. There are many social sharing tools emerging like SharePoint, Chatter, Jive and Yammer which facilitates more people oriented process driven collaboration.

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