Social BPM gaining tremendous significance in South Africa

Social media seems to be everywhere and there is hardly any place today which has not seen the social media touch. The word ‘Social’ has also crept into BPM and is catching on widely. BPM has evolved as an industry and social enterprise is like a part of it.

The merger of BPM and social enterprise is going to create a revolutionary change in the sector.
Appian logo
The business collaboration trends are now seeing a drastic shift from emails to social networks like Facebook and Twitter. It is also now time to think about getting the work done by adopting a better platform, and this is where Appian Worksocial’s role becomes critical. VM consulting is a firm that provides solutions and is a Master Distributor for Appian in South Africa.

Appian Worksocial

The platform integrates data and enterprise systems, business processes, social collaboration, and mobile access. It works for a better visibility and action across the enterprise. Worksocial is a platform that can be employed to organize work efficiently. It is the first social work platform, and it clearly reflects the development automation has undergone in 13 long years.

The Gartner iBPM Magic Quadrant has rated Appian, a leader in iBPM services. The report says that the platform takes entire control of cloud, mobile and social services and leads implementations of functions.

Redefining Work by getting Social BPM right

The word social used in businesses suggests working together as a group towards achieving a common goal. BPM helps in integrating workflows and modeling to make business flourish. When social is combined with BPM, it means combining the capabilities of different platforms and this would certainly help people perform jobs better.

Technology combined with efforts of employees will reap benefits. Mobile and social platforms are now changing the expectations of customers. They expect better accessibility, efficiency and service. It is imperative to modernize business processes to meet new challenges so that getting information is not limited to arrive at right business decisions.

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