Who is preferred for BPO sales – Solution experts or Sales guys?

Have we ever thought of the issues that a BPO company faces? Building up a BPO sales team is the common issue faced by the majority of BPO companies today. The matter of concern to the BPO management is that the sales team just don’t understand what business are they into. They lack the domain knowledge which is the core in achieving a sales deal. So what will help the BPOs to crack the deals is a million dollar question. There are many bits like brand, executive management, track record of the company, experience, technical and delivery capabilities, value for money and the solution expertise, which will help in closing a deal.

When we consider the real scenario, the industry has got remarkably less competent sales people who have the expertise and knowledge about the BPO solutions. Due to the scarcity in the market for knowledgeable sales people most of the companies settle out for candidates who are from other sectors or inexperienced in sales, people who need on-the-job training, hoping that they would scale up and do the job. Recruiting sales people, who don’t have a proven track record or have not stayed in an organization for a long time, have always failed when it comes to convincing and selling to BPO service buyer.

The incompetence of sales people has made many service leaders be in the buyer’s black list. The need for hiring solution experts is gaining ground nowadays as it has been found that these people add more value in sales rather than the hardcore sales persons. So why then these people can’t be preferred instead of sales guys. They have the ability to figure out the issues the clients face, advice expert solutions, deals with the cost cutting measures, promote efficiencies and in all, they contribute to building up value in the whole customer engagement process.

The decision vest with the hands of management as to choose between the sales guy who have limited knowledge about the business or to choose the solution experts who are much more polished have the expert knowledge and also possess the relationship skill unlike most of the sales representatives. For this, management should first understand that the organisations while looking on to hire the services of a BPO are actually looking for solution, and they are basically looking for solution providers.

The buyers are keen to listen to an experienced sales man, and they like to share their ideas with people who have a deep understanding about the client’s functions and who can come up with a range of solutions. So next time when a BPO goes for a deal, they should rethink about whom they should send – sales guys or solution experts!

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