Story of a BPO in a village in Karnataka

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September 3, 2011: Yes it is nothing else than a story, story of a brave man who chose the path of outsourcing as his source of basic living.

Mr. Narayana Bhide is a brave man hailing from the southern part of Karnataka state in India who started a small BPO service centre “chips.ework” in a village Munjdaje, 75 km off Mangalore city. Narayana Bhide is suffering from bone cancer and has already lost a limb.

With an initial investment of Rs 10 lakhs and strong determination, he decided to begin the outsourcing firm in July 2011. The exact nature of business is still kept confidential, even though Mr. Bhide revealed that his firm is a pure outsourcing firm which deal with filling application form for an US based company. According to him there is no particular strategic intention in selecting a village as destination for his organisation. But he finds it more comfortable to continue in the village rather than moving to a city.

The story of Narayana Bhide is a moral for many young entrepreneurs who are looking forward to start their venture in the outsourcing sector in their own villages. There is immense scope in the outsourcing sector. As far as India is concerned, there is no shortage of highly skilled and talented work force even in rural areas. Even firms like Wipro have decided to move to rural areas for starting up BPO centres.

Moreover it reveals the strength of the BPO sector as such which can deliver high quality service. If we take the example of this particular incident, it is understood that a foreign client is least bothered about the size and experience of any Business Process Outsourcing firm. The only thing any client is concern is the availability of cost effective and quality of service delivered on time.

Indian BPO sector has witnessed many ups and downs, as per the recent survey conducted Rs. 32,246 crores is the revenue generated by top Indian Business Process Outsourcing companies in the year 2010-2011. Even though the US economy is shrinking day by day, the impact on India IT and BPO firms is minimal. More US based firms are planning for cost cuts. As a result companies are looking for cheaper offshore outsourcing sector such as India. Demand for Indian service providers is still high.

While considering the story of Narayana Bhide, it must be understood that to enter into Indian BPO sector the company need not be very big nor have high capital. The only thing required is skilled labor to deliver quality service at a cheaper price and right time.

Today outsourcing has become part of every company and human as well. From private to public to nongovernmental sector, each and every one is somehow depended on service providers. And it could be commented without any doubt that Indian BPO sector is the best.

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