Successful Mantra for BPO’s in Asia

January 30, 2012: Recently Quintiles Clinical Research Organization started a BPO center of excellence in Dalian. The Chinese city is considered to be ethnically diverse and has a huge educated population, which are the major driving forces behind the setting up the center at Dalian.

Sources with the company said that the existence of good universities and a promising economy has attracted many Japanese and Koreans to Dalian. They settle down there to find work or join universities to pursue their higher studies, which makes the location rich with well educated and multilingual prospective employees.

The new center at Dalian will be same as that of the company’s BPO unit in Bangalore, India. It is setup to cater to the needs of the biopharma customers in the region, which includes China, Japan and Korea.

The other factors that were considered while selecting Dalian are cost, cultural knowledge and location. Setting up unit is China is not about cost saving, even though costs are lower in Dalian than any other western countries.

Company sources say that with the setting up of center in Dalian, they will have the language and cultural capability to serve the clients in Japan, Korea and China. The multilingual workforce is of great competitive advantage for the company. Quintiles currently employ 15 members in the new center and wish to expand the number in the near future.  The sources said that they are looking for individuals who are capable in English, Japanese or Korean languages.

It is expected that the demand for BPO services is going to increase in the Asian region. Quality will be another factor that differentiates one service provider from another. Lack of quality will increase the follow up cost, which ultimately will have a negative impact on the business. So ensuring quality will ensure success for any service provider.

Support from the government of the country is also another factor that ensures success for the companies. Companies will have to work in collaboration with different government bodies to develop an environment that will aid in the growth of the company and the industry. So the supporting role of government is crucial in ensuring success in any market. This gains more importance in the case of developing countries in the region such as India and China.

Success of BPO’s in the Asian region is heavily dependent on Culture, language, location quality and finally the support from the government in developing a favorable environment for the company and the industry.

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