Technical Communication is emerging as a preferred choice of skills and career

In difficult job markets specialists are the key!
Technical Communication is emerging as a preferred choice of skills and career

The job scenario today

At the time of a significant slowdown in hiring practices for conventional talent, including programmers in the IT sector and voice and non-voice practices in the BPO/KPO sectors, there is some good news! In this uncertain employment scenario there have been some areas of growth – specialized hiring is expected to continue at the same rate in 2009 as it did in 2007 & 2008.

While mainstream sectors have reported a significant drop in hiring – IT, ITES, BPO, financial services – specialized jobs in sunrise and traditional sectors have emerged as the winner. Some such sectors include wealth management, clinical research, actuarial sciences, technical communication, LPO’s, law firms, patents filing, research and related jobs.

In an increasingly technology dependent world, Technical Communicators can wear multiple hats like that of – technical writers, instructional designers, usability experts, online tutors, multimedia and web developers, e-learning professionals, product managers, proposal writers, editors, science and technology reviewers, content creators etc. Most of there are specialized jobs. The specialized careers sector receives impetus from the fact that the quantum of value addition per employee is far higher than jobs that require generic skills. These jobs form part of long-term business strategy, and therefore they are valuable for job seekers looking to embark on a steady career path with guaranteed growth.

For example there is an ongoing demand in India for over 1,00,000 technical communicators but the current supply is perhaps at 15 percent of that. Similarly, historically India has had a short fall of patent examiners – 115 examiners for 35,000 patents filed in 2008. These are some such specialized talent pools that need to be looked at so that market demands can be met in the years to come. Some of the key benefits to opt for specialized careers are:

    Opportunity to get better pay package – As compared to Rs 2.6 lakh per annum which is the average salary of a graduate, according to an IDC survey, an average technical communicator earns Rs 4.00 lakh per annum, (STC data) or an average LPO professional makes about 4.25 lakhs per annum (industry estimates).

    Chances of faster career growth - Besides, chances are that a usability expert moving to the next level sooner is always higher. Sustained career growth and professional enhancement are the significant benefits of the specialized jobs sector.

Experts agree that the best way to tide over the current economic slump is to hone and enhance skill sets to improve job prospects. It is widely believed that it is the best time to improve one’s skill set through adequate training and hands on experience..

According to estimates, the Technical Communication market is growing at a healthy rate of 20 percent per annum and is expected to be a billion dollar plus opportunity in the next five years.

The Writers Block (TWB) is constantly working towards equipping young graduates to apply for such niche and specialized career opportunities. The options available to pursue a career in Technical Communication includes a range of courses from a Post Graduate Diploma in Technical Communication to short term programs like Certification in Patent Writing, Certification in Analytics, Short Term Courses in Technical Writing and more.

The Technical Communication services are applicable to most knowledge and skill driven organizations as businesses needs to use and retrieve information in a shareable, easy to use form. On one hand, businesses spend nearly 20 percent of their costs in creating, storing and managing information and on the other, good documentation minimizes that by almost 7-10 percent and aids in creating better information management systems.

Commenting on the same, “It is an opportune time for companies to built their internal capabilities and enhance their intellectual prowess. The teams that stay together in tough times are likely to stay longer and better in good times as well,” says Chandrika Singh, Roving Writers.

These courses have been developed with the view to cater to the documentation needs of the growing enterprises and are targeted to benefit the young and aspiring Indian talent.

By Rakesh Shukla, Founder & CEO, TWB

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