Technology setting the pace for new BPM trends in healthcare

In the healthcare sector, many hospitals and related agencies have been increasingly turning towards outsourcing in a bid to cut down costs and improve and maintain the quality of service. In addition to standard departments such as food and housekeeping services, healthcare enterprises outsource information technology and clinical services. With the advances made in technology and the application of the latest tools in healthcare, new BPM trends in healthcare have been set. Outsourcing healthcare requirements has been seen as the best way to ensure customer satisfaction together with maintaining the cost-effective nature of services in this sector.

Overall new trends have been sweeping the outsourcing sector in 2013. The BPO sector has been through a time of trial, and it has found new avenues to stay afloat and survive. Innovation has been seen as the key to sustainability. The area of healthcare information technology has been developing at a rapid rate, even though its potential has not yet been completely realized.
Healthcare BPM
Apart from the commonly accepted technological tools such as electronic health records, a wide range of opportunities still remain open. The widespread use of social networks, mobile technology, and the Internet all together provide potentials for new BPM trends in healthcare. Outsourcing these operations enables health care agencies to focus on the core aspects of healthcare with all the latest technological innovations at their doorstep.

Innovation sets the tone for new BPM trends in healthcare

Innovative technologies have always been a trendsetter in the outsourcing sector. The scale of utilization of digital technology has surpassed all predictions. For instance, it is expected that in 2015, the data produced in the world is expected to be 120,000 times the sum amount of all words that have been previously written in history. This large volume of data will be created by powerful computing techniques that are stored in the cloud. Such innovative technology comes to play in setting new BPM trends in healthcare.

Many healthcare companies such as Xerox have made rapid strides with the innovative solutions they offer to clients. Effective software solutions and application of the latest technologies in healthcare have enabled this company to improve the performance of healthcare agencies and enhance the vital aspects of delivery of services. Another company e4e that has been successful in this domain has been providing high value technological solutions and products that help their clients deliver more affordable, efficient and effective services in healthcare. These technology-driven operations have set new BPM trends in healthcare.

Outsourcing of healthcare services have led to new trends sweeping across this industry. It may not be long before patient care is also customized and provided as a healthcare service at a global level.

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