Telemarketers better watch out in India

September 6, 2011: Hello sir! Is this the right time to talk to you?

Today, it is quite difficult for us to pass a day without listening to these words from an unknown telemarketer or a prerecorded audio file. Yes, Telemarketers has become a nuisance today. You will have to receive minimum one call every day and at least five to six SMS by some telemarketers or service providers.  

TRAI says enough, it’s high time. TRAI is planning to impose penalties on cold calls. Implementation of these rules was most awaited. At last the public will get some relief from telemarketers after September 27th 2011.

The new rules from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) will be implemented by end of this month. This step was taken after the unsuccessful Do-Not-Call registry implemented by the authority in the early 2007. According to the authorities the 2007 strategy was not successful because public found it difficult to follow the procedures for registry and moreover the telemarketers are now focusing Short Message Service (SMS) as a medium for promoting their services and products.

The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations 2010 to be implemented this month is definitely a blow for telemarketers. As per the new regulations there are restrictions for the number of calls a particular service providers can make. As far as SMS is concerned, the number of SMS allowed is also restricted up to 100. More over the authorities has decided to implement stiffer penalties on violations of these rules. TRAI also provide different options for customers, as the customers can completely restrict calls and SMS from telemarketers. There is also another option where the customers can opt for partial restriction which will reduce the number of unwanted calls and unnecessary SMS.

The latest implementation of rule will have a negative impact for many service providers in India. There are huge number of firms which completely depends on outsourcing there promotional activities to various service providers. The law will reduce the number of promotional activities through service providers which will simultaneously affect the business of outsourcing firms. The number of mobile phone users is increasing at a rapid rate in India. Huge scope for marketing and business prevail in the mobile service providers sector.

After the implementation of this particular law we may find many satisfied and relaxed end customers down the lane but for telemarketers it is quite unhappy moment as they have to find out another way for promoting their product and services. Telemarketers have to be more conscious and have to rethink before making continuous calls and SMS.        

Advertisers outsourcing their SMS campaigns to telemarketers should insist on respecting the law, else there are chances the advertiser too may get punished by the law.

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