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A new breed of competition is coming up in the uncertain global market today. Competitors are dominating the business process management sector by adopting new strategies. However, the strategies that are currently leveraged are best suited for machines and not for human interactions.

Human-driven process taking a back seat

Human-driven processes at present take a back seat in Business Process Management. However when all other processes fail, it is only human workforce which can accomplish the objectives. Keith Harrison has written a book which states the value of human interactions in business process management today.

The author is of the notion that the quality processes and checks done in the industry are focused on the mechanical processes carried out and those do not evaluate the individual capabilities of people.

People remain the neglected asset in business process management services. The author also says that the European Excellence model critically analyzes the process, and this increases the value for customers and others in the business.

The primary aim of any strategy is to make more gains and to gain more the quality criteria requires adequate broadening. It is imperative to make use of people in the operations, and this encompasses the role of employees, executives, managers, and customers.

Indicators for improving processes

There are certain indicators that denote the effectiveness of employees in business processes. The factors are cross-cutting, agility, creativity, resource utilization, flexibility, value, and empowerment.

Amplifying people-driven processes become essential to improve the quality of services, and there is an urgent need to understand the nature of work. People-centric approach calls for a change in the BPM systems. The book written by Keith Harrison remarkably identifies the value attached with the people-centric approach and the way it will support the next generation BPM systems.

The author

The author of the book Keith Harrison-Broninski, is the CTO of Role Modellers Ltd., The author in his book has explained and put forth the ideas regarding human-driven processes. Keith had a career as an independent IT and management consultant and had worked in many countries globally.

The author has also established a Web forum which primarily discusses the human-driven processes.

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