Top 5 Outsourced Contact Center Services

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In this new-age world, where time is always at premium and every job demands efficiency, outsourcing has become a boon for many industries and service providers. In simple words, outsourcing means to relegate services required by the clients to a third-party company instead of performing them in-house.

Often the services are outsourced to a company located in a foreign country. The main reasons for outsourcing are business concentration and cost-efficiency. This trend and demand for competent services from third-party companies has led to the growth of dedicated contact centers. Today the contact center service industry provides various specific services for their clients. Among them the top 5 outsourced contact center services can be categorized as follows:

1. Customer Call

Customer call is one of the most common services that are outsourced to contact centers. The modus operandi followed is to route customer calls to contact centers. In most cases the contact centers handle customer inquiries, requests, complaints and provide solutions and services. The contact centers must have reliable technical setup and agents with proper training and skills to cater to the demands of the business. One of the main reasons for the high rate of outsourcing in this sector is cost efficiency.

2. Technical Support

Technical support is another service that is high on the list of services that are generally outsourced to contact centers. This service mainly deals with providing technical assistance to customers. The service demands the contact centers to be able to handle any product or service support related to technology that is required by the customers. Generally technical services like navigating websites, running software programs, solving issues related to program bugs, etc. are managed by the contact centers.

3. Back Office

Back office services are something that is routinely outsourced by a large number of companies. This service requires contact centers to handle varied business operations like data entry, research analysis, accounting and human resource recruitment among others. The most common reason for outsourcing such services is to lend attention to core business activities and reduce operational costs. Such services generally demand competent and qualified staff or teams at the contact centers.

4. Web Design

Web designing is another service that is high up on the list of services outsourced to contact centers. This service requires contact centers to design websites that can be customized by the outsourcing companies according to their preferences. This is one service that demands the contact center to have skilled web designers who can create attractive web design templates within the stipulated time periods. In this case also, the primary reason for outsourcing is generally the cost efficiency factor.

5. Sales and Telemarketing

Sales and telemarketing is a field that witnesses a high rate of service outsourcing. Generally companies demand contact centers to provide services of expert sales agents. These agents are required to help the outsourcing companies to fulfil their sales targets through various services like upselling, cross-selling and/or introducing new products or services to potential customers. The contact center may be required to handle both inbound and outbound calls, depending on the demand of the outsourcing companies.

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