Top 8 BPM Myths Busted

The Business Process Management (BPM) Industry in India is on an upsurge. The industry is providing employment to more than 1 million youths in the country. It is attracting sharp and dedicated people from all fields, including doctors, MBA, CA, software engineer, lawyer, etc. In the last few years it has become a preferred career field for innumerable young people of the nation.

However, there are a few myths that exist about the industry in the minds of the people. Here we are presenting the facts to dispel the myths, so that people have a better understanding about the BPM Industry.


Myth 1: BPM is a fad. Tt will pass off after a while. It won’t stay here for long

Fact: India is reigning as the global leader in the BPM services. Today the BPM Industry has a huge business not only in India but also world-over. The BPM Industry is not a business trend that will fade away with time. This industry with multi-million dollar investments in India has a strong presence in the global business sphere as well. Its revenues are increasing with every fiscal quarter.

Even in times of crisis, such as in 2013 when most industries contracted, export services from the Indian BPM Industry recorded a growth of 12%, which is no easy matter by all means.

Myth 2: Jobs in the BPM Industry are risky. The industry does not provide dependable career opportunities

Fact: It is a well-established industry with a global presence. Over the last decade, the industry has evolved from being the BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) Industry to being the BPM Industry. Along the way, it has created employment opportunities for a large number of youths in the country.

Today the industry provides direct employment to about 1 million young people in the country.

Myth 3: Jobs in the BPM Industry means call centre job; BPM means BPO, more or less

Fact: Call centre or contact centre jobs are a part of the industry, but they are by no means the complete industry. The call centres do not represent the BPM industry in its entirety. Today the BPM industry has people from diverse fields.

It is due to the highly skilled talents within the industry that today India is ruling as the global leader in BPM services.

Myth 4: BPM is a stop-gap job option. It is not viable for long term career growth

Fact: The BPM Industry not only creates job opportunities, it also provides the right skills and global exposure for long-term career growth. Companies provide various kinds of training, in-house learning and development programs, facility to pursue higher education while working and avenues to build a progressive career graph.

Myth 5: Jobs in the BPM Industry are not stable. BPM has high attrition rates

Fact: The BPM Industry provides very stable job opportunities. Once an individual realizes the true potential of the BPM industry, he or she becomes reluctant to leave it; on the contrary; they look for opportunities to progress within the industry.

In fact, the attrition level at the mid and higher levels of the industry is quite low.

Myth 6: BPM companies are unsafe places to work in. They are not suitable for pursuing a career

Fact: BPM companies have strict safety and security policies and they ensure that the safety policies are followed by every employee diligently. BPM companies follow stringent safety measures within the campus as well as for transportation.

These companies provide vehicle trackers in cabs, drivers on payroll, self-defence courses for employees and undertake various other measures for the safety of their employees.

Myth 7: Working in BPM companies poses health problems

Fact: BPM is not the only industry where employees have to work in shifts; there are various other industries that require its employees to work in shifts and many have late-night shifts as well. However, the advantage with BPM companies is that the shift is fixed and does not ask its employees to work for long or erratic hours, as some industries do.

Moreover, BPM industries provide several healthcare facilities that include regular health check-ups, on-campus clinic, recreational activities for a stress-free work environment, etc.

Myth 8: BPM is damaging the economy. It is detrimental to the economy’s growth

Fact: The BPM is an industry that offers job opportunities to people belonging from different professions and having diverse academic qualifications. The industry is engaged in creating opportunities in small towns and the rural parts of the country, where jobs are less.

Rural BPM has the potential to improve the socio-economic condition in the rural areas and help in the economic growth of the country.

It is a fact that the BPM Industry is new in India as compared to several other businesses. But within a short time the industry has established its presence not only in the Indian business scenario, but on the global front as well.

The industry is proving progressive career opportunities to a huge number of people in the country. It is sensible to dispel the myths and see the potential of this fast growing industry in terms of career and growth.

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