Uganda emerging as a BPO destination

August 18, 2011: Business process outsourcing as an industry is growing in many countries. It is no longer confined to few markets like India. Uganda is the latest country to join this BPO bandwagon.

With an aim of developing the BPO industry in Uganda, the Information and communication technology ministry has joined hands with N-ITAU and created a clear plan for facilitating BPO growth in the country.

Government Planning High

Government is taking a lead in ensuring that BPO growth plans are put in place without fail. The government plans to deliver specialized training to around 3000 professionals in the area of Business process processing as a part of this. The candidates who are engaged in studies in the area of information technology and communication will be provided with an opportunity to know this industry and the processes in detail. A special panel of industry experts will be employed to undertake these training activities.

The GDP growth in Uganda is around $42 billion. Majority of the country’s population is engaged in the agricultural field. Introduction of BPO in the country is seen a gradual shift in the outlook of the country towards adopting more technology friendly development initiatives. This is initiative is aimed at bringing the IT and communication industry in the country in a more structured manner.

BPO Plans in Uganda – The positive side

The first and foremost benefit in moving to BPO adoption is the employment opportunities for the qualified individuals. The initiative from the government in training resources will help in filling the gap which Uganda is facing relative to other developing countries such as India, Mauritius, and Malaysia etc with regard to the BPO services. 

One significant benefit from this initiative is the increase in the job prospects to around 1,000 Ugandans by the end of 2011. As part of this initiative, individuals will be provided training in different skill areas which are essential in BPO sector. Other than the benefit of new employment opportunities, there is a positive impact expected in areas like revenue accumulation and thus development of the Ugandan economy on a whole. The Ugandan government plans to raise the amount of investment in to the BPO industry also to attain high revenues.

BPO growth figures

The government plans to engage all the colleges and other universities in the country in BPO training. Such a process will in turn increase the scope of this industry as a whole. The colleges and universities are changing their curriculum which will include BPO skills also. As a result more graduates will be produced who can be engaged in this industry there by promoting the overall development of the BPO industry in Uganda. 

BPO industry is led by many super powers such as India, China, and Philippines etc. In midst of such super powers, the government should plan to brand and market the BPO industry of Uganda high so as to attract more global investments in this area of business.

Potential for BPO looks bright in Uganda

The government expects high growth figures from the BPO section. According to the official reports the country is expected to get a share of around $1.5 trillion as profit from the BPO sector on a whole in the coming 3 years.  The total value of the business anticipated is $500 billion which is more than Uganda’s national output by about 30 times. 

The Ugandan government, stepping in to the direction of actively promoting the BPO industry is an effort worth appreciating. This would definitely make an impact on other major BPO markets like India and Philippines. Uganda is fast emerging as a BPO destination.  

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