Web Analytics Trends 2013: 56% Of Businesses Rely Exclusively On Google For Web Analytics

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Till 2009, only 23% of businesses relied on Google analytics (GA) for web analytics, the numbers have, since then, risen dramatically. With more than half of all businesses relying on Google analytics, you cannot help the question why Google analytics? Here is an analysis of new web analytics trends 2013.

Why Google analytics?

As with everything else in life, the reasons because of which we rely on things are arbitrary and often just by habit. Companies however, have a lot of reasons for using Google analytics, beginning with the fact that it is free and easy to use. Google analytics’ reputation precedes it and any company looking for a web analytics tool is likely going to turn to it.

Web Analytics Trends 2013: Is Yahoo to blame for the increase in numbers?

A sharp increase in the number of businesses relying on Google was noticed in 2011. This increase may be attributed to the shutdown of the Yahoo free analytical tool. The Yahoo tool was used by a significant 18% of agencies and 8% of companies till 2011. The only other option that was riding a wave of success at the time was Google, and not surprisingly many companies chose to use Google’s analytical tool.

Why use analytical tools?

A survey was conducted between April and May of 2013 amidst 900 digital marketing professionals. The results of the survey shed light on the trends strategies and practices related to web analytics and data. A lot of businesses rely on analytical tools to analyze the direction of their business.

According to the survey, there are numerous reasons why companies rely on Google analytics. The analytical tools are used by 86% of businesses to track traffic and conversion KPIs. 75% of companies use the tools to track campaigns, followed closely by management reporting, PPC optimization, page flow/ navigation analysis, site search usage, funnel/conversion optimization and content influence.

Despite Google launching tools like multichannel funnels amidst pomp and circumstance a meagre 23% of companies use the tool. Similarly, the product/cross-sell analysis and rich media/flash/video-tracking tool are used by 21% and 14% of companies respectively.

The other half

Although there are a significant number of businesses that rely on Google analytics, there is an equally significant number of companies that do not use the tool. The survey that was conducted concluded that none of the survey group seemed to have problems with understanding the working of the tool. There was also a very small percentage of companies (11%) that did not use Google analytics ever.

The most common reason why companies turned away from Google analytics was that other web analytics vendors such as Bing were satisfactory. A significant number (35%) of businesses however stated that the tool was not sophisticated enough for their requirements. Also a small percentage of companies (13%) did not want to give Google their sensitive data.

Despite Google analytics being popular in the business circle, there were complaints against it. The reasons, however as to why the companies wouldn’t use the tools seemed insignificant as Google is geared to replace all other analytics tools.

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