What is in store for outsourcing in 2012?

January 7, 2012: Companies in the outsourcing sector are looking forward to implement new changes in 2012.

The challenging economic climate in the previous year has made many companies to be more conscious and thus, working on new strategic changes for 2012. It is expected that the coming year will witness further uplift in demand as compared to the previous one. Previous year is considered as a record year for the sector. And that is because, lot of companies gone for reducing fixed overheads to become very flexible.

However, in the year 2012 it is expected that around 62 % of the companies will be planning to outsource administrative jobs. According to the company authorities this would help them to reduce the cost of overheads. There are also suggestions that administrative tasks are time consuming and thus it is very essential to be properly managed. Companies are struggling to find new skilled and talented employees who can serve them according to the requirements. In the current scenario around 27% of the starts up companies are struggling. It is quite difficult to find qualified and skilled staffs for such companies.

2012 is again expected to be a very good year for offshore service providers in India. And that is because many companies are planning to outsource more to India. India has a good history with call center jobs and thus foreign companies, especially the start ups and the mid range companies has decided to outsource call center jobs to India to cut cost. News on such strategies and planning’s are coming up in most of the magazines and newspapers in the recent times.

There are a number of outsourcing projects being posted now a day. It was the small and SME companies which has posted projects in the previous year. Small companies are very well set to tap the benefits of outsourcing so that they could overcome the absence of skilled employees.

However, the Business process outsourcing sector is very huge and thus there is no harm in expecting inflow of business and new projects. Moreover the skilled service providers and freelance expertise who can take up new projects in India is immense. Thus experts have the opinion that outsourcing will set new records of business in the current year.

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