Why call center jobs are coming back to US?

Since over a decade, US workers have seen their jobs being outsourced to offshore locations as part of companies’ strategies to cut cost by hiring economical labor. Now it seems like this trend is reversing. Recently, Aegis, an Indian based outsourcing firm announced that it will be adding 1000 new jobs in Dallas in America. According to them, the jobs will be in sales and customer service.

Call center jobs coming back to US. Image source cwa-union.org

Many more Indian outsourcing companies are planning to hire more locals in their customer service units in US. As far as companies that outsource their operations are concerned, on-shoring of customer service jobs will put an end to the raising complaints of their US customers about having to deal with foreign-accented employees of off-shore call centers.

What is driving this trend is the automation of simple customer service transactions which earlier required human interactions like the password change, taking product orders etc. This automation led to the freeing of large number of customer service personnel to handle more complex tasks. As per the industry experts, such complex tasks require service personnel to have advanced communication skill and product knowledge which resulted in jobs returning back to US.

The realization among companies that customers are important and the fact the customer issues are solved by just speaking clearly 88% of times have made them to make the move. Many companies are also making some sort of compromise in serving the customers. Outsourcing companies are bringing back the services call centers to US to serve their high profile customers whereas they keep the call center service for unprofitable customers overseas. For example, some credit companies in US asks their call center outsourcing partner to maintain a team of agents in US and Canada to serve their “most wanted customers” who are unsatisfied in dealing with employees at offshore call centers.

Another fact which is driving on-shoring is the quality of service delivered by offshore centers. According to latest reports from the industry many of the US companies that have outsourced their call center operations to offshore destinations are not satisfied with the quality of the service. They complain of reworking on the tasks two or three or even more times.

It is forecasted that demand for Americans for customer service job is to grow about 15% throughout the year. According to report by Bureau of Labor Statistics of US, about 2.2 million of American nationals have been employed as customer service agents in insurance companies, banks, retail organizations etc. As customer service jobs becomes more complicated, demand for American English will also rise which will force more companies to hire locals for their US units.

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