Why choose BPO as a career option?

BPO Careers

The BPO industries are continuously recording the highest growth rates when compared to any other industry in the world. Cost-effectiveness and availability of experts support the growth of BPOs. All young talents are waiting to grab a career in KPO (Knowledge Process Outsourcing). In the present scenario, there will not be any relevance in asking why choose BPO as a career option? The business process outsourcing industry has many features to offer job seekers.

The BPO firms like Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys and Tata Consultancy Services provide high remuneration to fresh graduates. Why choose BPO? Earning a high pay package is one of the major factors deciding the selection of a career in BPOs. Some BPO jobs require only a low set of skills. Graduates with fluency in English can easily get a job and a successful career in KPO. The companies usually prefer experienced candidates to fill the vacant posts. But in the BPO industry, training is provided on the job, which means that an individual can earn and learn.

A continuous opportunity for growth and development is possible with a career in KPO. Career progression is possible in the outsourcing industry at a fast rate. These industries promote employees within two or three years from the date of entry to the organization. With the development of skills, knowledge and experience a person will be able to acquire jobs from other concerns as well as a flourishing career in KPO.

Why Choose BPO As An Career Option?

A career in BPO means that the employee can experience world class working conditions. The BPO companies like Accenture, Genpact, Stream Global Services and IBM have offices in different countries. Employees from those concerns will be sent to offshore offices for gaining overseas working experience. All these are added advantages of a career in KPO companies. Why choose BPO is a question that draws out many such relevant answers.

Drawbacks of a career in KPO

Outsourcing companies render services to clients from abroad. Individuals with a career in KPO sector have to work according to the time frame fixed by clients from different geographical locations. More than 90% of the BPO employees working under these odd timings complain that this creates problems in their personal life.

The lack of sleep and rest may also lead to several health issues. Some other problems faced by the BPO employees are from their clients; such issues need to be faced and solved with tactful skills. BPO companies have strict regulations related to age, which prevent many experienced individuals from taking this as a career option.

The advantages from the career in KPO industry outweigh all disadvantages, if the financial aspects are taken into consideration. The outsourcing industry offers a reasonable pay packet to fresh graduates, for whom the question `Why choose BPO’ never arises.  Frequent walk-in interviews are conducted by BPO companies to tap new talents. Skills and innovation are sought by outsourcing enterprises, which always keep their doors, open for young and enthusiastic professionals.

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