Why India is still a preferred destination for outsourcing?

September 3, 2011: Over the past decade BPO or Business Process Outsourcing has dug a firm root in India. When we consider this whole BPO scenario, India has bagged the position of one of the top most favoured country where BPO became a success.

In India BPO is no more an alien. People have accepted outsourcing with both hands. BPO companies are popping up in India like anything. It is definitely a boon for all the graduate job seekers. There was tremendous increase in the employment rate after the introduction of outsourcing. It is more like a give and take relationship i.e., the foreign companies which require labour capital will seek help from those job seekers who are ready to provide them with skills. One of the main magnetism towards this sector is the package a person can take away for the service rendered by him.

One of the foremost reasons for this trend is the increased population where in almost 3.1 billion constitute the talent pool required by BPOs. This will obviously attract the human resource hunters around the world. The rate at which the skills are rented is affordable to the foreign companies. Indians are always in front when it comes to education. Be it marketing, HR, IT, engineering, medicine, graphics designing, content writing, data entry and the list goes on. Whatever area is required by the company, people are ready to provide them with their skills. The hurdle of language is taken off when it comes to outsourcing in India.

As most of the people know and speak English, India has become one of the most favoured countries for outsourcing. Government also plays a significant role in this trend as development of communication links, infrastructure and technology is also a major determinant factor in a country’s growth. When the country develops, the people or the economy as whole will also develop. For a work like outsourcing, high speed internet access and data communication link is inevitable. A study by the Elixier solutions has shown that the time taken by the employees in India to complete a work is a desirable one when compared to rest of the countries.

The manpower and infrastructure of India together with the culture which is flexible act as a magnet for the foreign countries. A person entering this field has become a model for rest of the job hunters. As this sector provides huge employment opportunities, it has played a significant role in the development of the country as such and increases standard of living of people.

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