Will Politicians Benefit From Relying On Big Data Analytics?

Obama for Big Data. Sarah A. King for The Washington Post

Image source: Obama for Big Data. Sarah A. King for The Washington Post

It is a well-known fact that the course of the 2012 U.S. Presidential election was greatly altered through the use of big data analytics in the campaign process. Jim Messina, President Obama’s campaign manager admitted that the use of big data analytics gave them the edge over the competition. InfoWorld claims that the representatives relied on big data analytics solutions to research for and develop particular strategies that would help garner support for Obama’s re-election to the President’s office.

Translation from corporate to government

Organizations from across the world currently swear by big data analytics. The solutions that the platform provides has helped employees review humungous sets of data efficiently. Business operations receive a boost of efficiency and the needs of the consumer can be meet and exceeded.

The same efficiency and effectively understanding the consumer was the common factor between the corporate and the political world. Jim Messina was quoted as saying, “We were going to demand data on everything, we were going to measure everything… we were being smart about things.”

The long term success of businesses is guaranteed through capitalization on the reigning trends. Through big data analytics, business executives have access to a range of tools that are instrumental in ensuring their success. The tools help the businesses study consumer behavior and introduce new changes that will prove intuitive to the consumer.

Getting ahead of the competition is now possible through big data analytics. The solutions bolster informed decisions that inevitably lead to a sustained success. This same strategy can then be transferred to the political medium that is currently playing out much like a competition.

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