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These are all non-captive call/contact centers, i.e. they cater to third party companies.For a list of captive call/contact centers, see this.

All customer names have been obtained from print media, the internet (not from rumor mills). No BPO company has provided the names of their clients.

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Company Name
Specialization # of
Spurlink Teleservices pvt Ltd
India - Chandigarh
Contact Center / Customer Care
Data Conversion
Helpdesk Services
Inbound / Outbound voice
Network and Security Management
Technical Support / IT Helpdesk
Integra Web Services
United Kingdom - Elstree
Marketing Outsourcing
Content Outsourcing Services
Offshore Advertising Design
B2B Lead Generation
Venona Mediasoft India Private Limited
India - Mumbai
B2B Lead Generation
Business Intelligence
Chat and Email Support
Inbound / Outbound voice
Mynd Solutions Pvt. Ltd
India - Gurgaon
Inbound / Outbound voice