Rural BPO Company profile: B2R Technologies Pvt. Ltd

B2R Technologies is an emerging rural BPM firm in India. The firm founded in 2009 offers BPM services to a variety of areas like Banking, Finance, Insurance, Publishing, Website management, and so on. Redefining the relationship between rural and urban and creating more employment avenues in rural India are the key business goals and objectives of this firm.

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They are focusing on providing basic business process management services from rural location in Haryana so as to offer advantages of cost savings to their clients leveraging the availability of a skilled and educated resource pool in the rural area.

B2R Technologies BPM services

Banking & Financial Services

The banking and financial services offered by B2R can be classified under the following headings.

New Account Opening

  • Customer Application forms
  • Account Activation

KYC Verification

  • Processing, digitization, and verification of KYC forms
  • E-mail Response Management

Account Maintenance

  • Change Management
  • Check Processing
  • Credit Card Payments
  • Customer/Employee Records Management
  • Deposit Release
  • Holding Accounts Management
  • Reconciliation of Accounts
  • Return Mail System
  • Vendor Invoices and Vendor Payments

Credit Dispute Verification

  • Credit Reconciliation
  • Bill Dispute

Insurance Services

Product Development

  • Customer Analysis
  • Product Regulatory Compliance

Corporate Functions

  • Reconciliations
  • Accounting Services

New Business & Underwriting

  • Application Data Entry
  • Cash Operations
  • Cash Suspense Account Management
  • Customer Support
  • Policy Enrolments
  • Policy Insurance
  • Renewals

Product & Customer Services

  • Cash Suspense Account Management
  • Detail Bill Audits
  • Financial/Non Financial Transactions
  • Post Issue Activities
  • Premium Account Reconciliation
  • Premium Payment


  • Claim Serving
  • Record Management
  • Form Processing
  • Claim Status Response Management

Agency Servicing

  • Background Information check
  • Commissions Accounting
  • EFT Changes
  • Lead Management
  • State Renewal Processing

Publishing Services

  • Document Scanning
  • Data Capture
  • Data Processing
  • Data Entry
  • E-books Creation
  • Content Enhancement & Conversion
  • Keyboarding & Typesetting

Back Office Support Services

  • Data Capture
  • Data Cleansing & Consolidation
  • Data Entry
  • Data Processing
  • Document Scanning
  • Documents & Records Management

Web Services

Website Maintenance & Management

  • Content Generation
  • Traffic Generation
  • Maintenance

Content Moderation & Response Management

  • Quality Check & Moderation
  • Response Management

Promotional Activities through web

Niche and Specialized Services

Legal Services

  • Data Abstraction
  • Objective Coding
  • Logical Unitization

Finance & Accounting

  • XBRL Developing Capabilities

Process Specific Offerings

  • Document Management System
  • Business Process as a Service
  • Voice/Backend Support

Type Setting Services

  • Fresh Setting
  • Tidy Up
  • Associated DTP Services

Management Team

  • Venki Iyer – Mentor & Co-founder
  • Dhiraj Dolwani – CEO  & Co-Founder
  • Rajeev Arora – Chief Technology Officer
  • Vibhas Kumar – Chief Operations Officer

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Awards and Accolades

  • B2R is recognized as the ‘League of 10’ and ‘Emerge 50’ in the ‘NASSCOM Emerge 50 Awards’ 2012.
  • B2R Technologies CEO was a panelist in discussion on ‘Alternate Delivery Models- Partners in Growth of BPO Industry’ at NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2012.
  • National HRD Network honored the company with an award for their contribution in Social Entrepreneurship
  • Won Villgro-Wantrapreneur 2011
  • Won TiE –Lumis Excellence Award 2010

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Contact us

B2R can be contacted on below mentioned address

Qtr. No. 2, First Floor, Block C-2, Belvedere Tower, Charmwood Village, Suraj Kund Road, Distt Faridabad 121009, Haryana or visit the link

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