Talent2: The talent-management experts

Talent2 is one of the foremost companies that provide end-to-end talent-management solutions. It specializes in developing the productivity of people and assists in unleashing hidden talents.

As a major player in the Asia Pacific region, Talent2 works with various institutions and organizations. The focus of business is the people and they come first on the list.

Talent2 was founded in 2003 by Andrew Banks and Geoff Morgan, who between them had a total experience of 40 years in HR and recruitment. In keeping with the changing employment scenario, new and efficient strategies were devised, which had helped the company attain its present stature.
talent2 HR BPO

The main services offered by the company are listed below.

  • Payroll: The Company offers payment solutions that suit the diverse needs of different clients. Regardless of the number of countries and employees involved, it delivers customized solutions to meet the requirements of varying clients.
  • Recruitment: Finding employees with requisite skills and talent can prove to be a difficult task. Talent2 assists in the recruitment of the right people for the right job.
  • Learning: The learning division supports the varied requirements of all kinds of business. Highly skilled learning professionals are offered to guide and mentor employees in their career growth.

Adding value to organizations

Talent2 strives to change work places into exciting and dynamic environments. Under their guidance, offices turn into centers of excellence where innovative ideas are advanced and promoted. The organization’s overall productivity is multiplied by putting people first, and the power of knowledge is unleashed through the promotion of new concepts and schemes.

The company selects the best people and puts to effective use their talents, thereby adding value to organizations. People are highly motivated and incentivized to sharpen their skills and talent, and this in turn helps them fulfill their roles efficiently.


Talent2 aims to be the best end-to-end talent-management organization in the world by 2015. The prospects look very bright as the company seems to be closely inching towards that goal.

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