Fraud in BPO

One of the hot topics on our mailing list is fraudulent contracts. If you take a close look at any of these frauds you will infer that it is no different from any other scam.

  1. There is no free lunch. We all have to work hard to earn money. If a consultant tells you that you can earn big bucks by investing a small amount, forget it.
  2. Don’t get fooled by the half page/one page franchisee advertisements
  3. Examine the credentials of the consultant. Majority of them have free email ids. Not a good sign.
  4. Never give upfront money. If the consultant is so confident about the business, let him charge you a higher commission.
  5. Take a copy of his passport if necessary and mention the passport number in the agreement you sign. They will think twice before cheating you.
  6. Afix photographs of both parties on the agreement.
  7. A consultant may approach you with contracts. He will tell you that the prospective client expects certain parameters to be met in a call centre before the client can outsource work. Guess what, this consultant will offer you to train your staff. Watch out!

How to avoid getting cheated? Simple, use common sense.

Please note, there are good and sincere consultants but they are hard to find.

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