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Human Resources Development and Training:

  • By the year 2010 the employment potential in Karnataka’s BPO sector is projected to touch 360,000 across the State, with non-metro cities offering a substantial portion of the anpower. Non-metro cities offer low operational costs due to less expensive real estate and abundant local talent. The estimate in fact indicates that the rate of growth of employment opportunities will be eight times more in these smaller towns over Bangalore.
  • To make quality manpower available for BPO companies, the Human Resources Development & Training action-plan is in place. This is aimed at actively improving quality at all levels schools, colleges and unemployed professionals.
  • Schools: The State already has a large number of private and public schools. Many of these schools have comprehensive IT Laboratories. The Mahiti Sindhu Program of the Government of Karnataka has established 1000 state – of – art computer lab facilities all over the State. The Policy aims to leverage this infrasturcture to enhance the verbal, written and communication skills of the students. This program will be implemented in coordination with the Education Department. The selection of trainers, course materials and methods of delivey will be decided by BITES (Board for IT Education Standards).
  • Colleges: While a large number of Karnataka colleges already have IT Labs, the Policy not only aims at upgrading the existing labs but also at setting up 500 more Labs in the State. This infrasturcture will be used to improve the listening, comprehension, verbal and written communication skills of the students. For this purpose, once again the selection of vendors, syllabi, trainees will be undertaken by BITES.
  • Professionals: There are numerous unemployed graduates as well as working professionals who are technically proficient yet need to improve certain soft skills. For this purpose the IT Department plans to set us training facilities not only in Bangalore but also at other major cities of Karnataka. This programme will be run on similar lines as, one of the most innovative programmes of the Millenium IT Policy. The programme will be conceptualised and implemented by BITES.
  • In addition to soft skills it is important to train the graduates for a large number of BPO companies that could require proficiency in Medical Transcription Back Office Processing, Human Resource Processing Modules, Financial Accounting Modules, GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles) etc. For this purpose selected centers will offer domain specific skills that would be relevant for establishing BPO companies.


  • BITES has been primarily established to enhace the education standards in IT including BPO sectors. This autonomous plays a pivotal role in meeting the most critical objective of this policy, which is to enhance the quality of manpower.
  • Participation of Companies: It is envisaged that the entire selection of vendors and training companies will be entrusted to BITES, which shall undertake this task in active collaboration with the existing BPO companies in the State of Karnataka.
  • Certification and Accreditation: It is necessary to rapidly identify graduates who have superior written & verbal communication skills. For this purpose a Certification Agency will be set up that shall prescribe certain tests to ascertain candidates’ skills in different areas. BITES will administer the test through qualified HR companies. This certification will be a voluntary one, designed to help private companies identity quality manpower. It will also advise the candidates on the appropriate training they would require to reach levels prescribed by the BPO companies. This certification will be undertaken by a sub-committee of BITES which shall have representatives from the BPO companies.

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