10 BPO trends to watch in 2012

December 1, 2011: DATAMARK Inc, a leading Texas based business process outsourcing service provider is flagging off the launch of its latest blog by preparing a list of the hottest 10 BPO trends to watch in 2012.

As in the case of any other sectors, emerging technologies continue to change the face of the BPO industry. As the economy continues to be uncertain, companies are reviewing their outsourcing options with in the United States, near shore in Latin America, and far shore in India, China and Philippines.

The top ten outsourcing trends as listed by DATAMARK are:

  1. The increase in the number of mobile applications

    Smart phones and tablets have become favorite among executives and managers, who hate to be behind the desk. We can expect the BPO service providers to equip the clients with mobile applications for the purpose of monitoring and auditing the outsourced processes.

  2. The gaining importance of social media

    With the gaining acceptance of social media, outsourced service providers will employ staffs who will engage clients through Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and other social networks.

  3. Gamification will lighten up the dull side of BPO

    Applying game designing thinking to different business processes will help in driving innovation into the organization. This will make the repetitive processes more interesting, makes the rules and goals clear and consistent and give rewards employees based on performance.

  4. Public-Private cooperation across the globe to drive BPO growth

    The global BPO market is estimated to grow at an annual rate of 5.4 per cent, with a value of USD 93.4 billion in 2015. The industry will witness increased cooperation between governments and the service providers in order to attract more BPO jobs.

  5. International public-private cooperation will be an eye opener for the US

    Companies that are not happy with the far shore service provider will adopt the rural shoring model. The government and local authorities will go for more cooperation with the firms to bring in more job opportunities.

  6. Technology to close the gap

    Outsourcing service providers will look for the best technology solutions to in order to make the process stable and reliable.

  7. Nearshoring to Latin America to rise

    With increasing English and Spanish speaking population, skilled work force and the time zone match, more organizations are looking forward to outsource their work.

  8. The continuing economic uncertainty will increase demand for outsourcing

    With the continuing recession and the ongoing debt crisis, companies are on the desperate run to cut down cost, which will result in increasing outsourcing.

  9. Lack of skilled workforce will drive outsourcing

    The shortage of skilled workforce is a driving force behind companies outsourcing their work.

  10. Cloud will continue to enjoy popularity 

    The cloud will enjoy more popularity among the service providers and the clients.

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