10 Indian startups that have a global address

Companies like InMobi, PubMatic, Zoho etc. stands tall among the Indian startups because of their presence in the global market right at an initial phase itself. These companies had the foresight to realize that many startups die off because of lack of customers.

Even veteran investors and entrepreneurs have realized that global reach will ensure a larger customer base as well as lesser price sensitive markets. Currently, there are a number of startups from India that have made their mark globally. Some of them which have attained global reach after 2010 are listed below.
Top 10 startups. Image source http://siliconangle.com

  1. SupportBee, Inc.: SupportBee is a Bangalore-based company that was set up in 2010 and provides help desk software that help track support tickets and manages customer support email. The company has been focusing on the global market right from the beginning and has obtained over 100 clients.
  2. Reduce Data Inc.: The company was established in Chennai last year and has a global focus already garnering 12 clients in US. Reduce Data is an advertising optimization and analytics platform that helps advertisers to identify and eliminate unnecessary expenditure.
  3. Instamojo Inc.: Instamojo was started in 2012 at Mumbai providing a global platform to people to sell their digital creations like reports, music, e-books, graphics, software and so on. They have more than 4300 merchants at present with a growing percentage from UK, Canada and US.
  4. WalletKit Technologies Pvt Ltd: the Chennai-based WalletKit had migrated to US in 2012 with an aim to target their major customers. The company offers a platform that serves to integrate Apple Passbook, Google Wallet and other mobile wallets.
  5. Bitzer Mobile Inc.: This is another startup company that began their operations in 2010 with Bangalore as their base. Bitzer Mobile offers a platform which aids IT personnel to rapidly mobilize the existing enterprise applications.
  6. Freshdesk Inc: Freshdesk was established in 2010 at Chennai offering customer support software as well as services such as social support through multi-channel for businesses. Being a Saas company, they decided to focus on US customers right from the beginning as they catered to international customers.
  7. GazeMetrix: GazeMetrix was established in 2012 and has now transferred their operations to California since the US market seemed to be offering better opportunities for the company. The company has developed a monitoring tool which helps brand marketers to measure the reach of their brands among people. This is done by measuring the visual mentions in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  8. CipherGraph Networks Pvt Ltd: CipherGraph was established at Bangalore in 2011 and has migrated to California to target the US market. CipherGraph offers solutions in enterprise cloud security to medium and small businesses.
  9. Adepto Solutions Pvt Ltd: This is a startup company that began in 2010 and currently has presence in US and Canada. Adepto serves to provide social marketing platform in the form of a bespoke application on SaaS platform.
  10. emo2 Inc: emo2 Inc. builds software and hardware that gives life to inanimate surfaces. This is done through a multi-user-touch technology which can be implemented in restaurants, café, lounges, pubs etc.  The company has now shifted their main focus to US market from the Indian market as they seem to find more scope and better revenue share in US market.

Apart from these Indian startups, there are other internet-based startups from India which is independent of geography. These companies are into content sharing platforms, social networking etc. and are therefore global by default.

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